Prismatic Solid

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Prism Master (Platinum): Complete the game!!
    Armed to the Teeth (Bronze): Collect a ton of power-ups to become fully powered-up!
    Discoverer of Secrets (Bronze): Discover the secret EXTRA stage!
    Super Runner (Silver): Clear the game once!
    Score Accumulator (Bronze): Score 100,000 points!
    Over the Mountain (Bronze): Clear the RIDGE stage!
    Water Glider (Bronze): Clear the WATER stage!
    Beyond the Shooting Star (Bronze): Clear the SPACE stage!
    Nuclear Orbit (Bronze): Clear the ATOMS stage!
    Into the Abyss (Bronze): Clear the SHAFT stage!
    Mountaineer (Bronze): Clear the RIDGE stage perfectly!
    Seafarer (Bronze): Clear the WATER stage perfectly!
    Shooting Star (Silver): Clear the SPACE stage perfectly!
    Colormeister (Silver): Clear the ATOMS stage perfectly!
    Deep Sea Diver (Gold): Clear the SHAFT stage perfectly!
    "PERISCOPE" Extermination (Silver): Eliminate all "PERISCOPE"s in the WATER stage!
    "HUE CIRCLE" Extermination (Silver): Eliminate all "HUE CIRCLE"s in the ATOMS stage!
    "LANDOLT RING" Extermination (Silver): Eliminate all "LANDOLT RING"s in the ATOMS stage!
    "BARRAGER" Extermination (Silver): Eliminate all "BARRAGER"s in the WATER stage!
    "ASTEROID" Blaster (Silver): Destroy 256 "ASTEROID"s in the RIDGE stage!
    "POLYHEDRON" Eviscerator (Bronze): Hack away at the SHAFT stage boss, "POLYHEDRON," 256 times!
    "OCTOPUS" Appendage Collector (Gold): Defeat the WATER stage boss, "OCTOPUS," with all appendages intact!

Additionally, there are eight secret trophies:

    Final Destination (Silver): Clear the EXTRA stage and get to the true ending!
    Hyper Runner (Gold): Clear the game twice!!
    Ultra Runner (Gold): Clear the game three times!!!
    Score Maniac (Silver): Score 1,000,000 points!!
    Score Junkie (Gold): Score 2,000,000 points!!!
    The End of the End (Bronze): Clear the EXTRA stage!
    Flying Ninja (Gold): Clear the EXTRA stage perfectly!
    "MONOLITH" Plinker (Bronze): Fire 256 shots into a single "MONOLITH"!
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