Push Me Pull You

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Out Of Stars (Gold): Run out of room on your victory banner.
    A Dog's Dream (Silver): Play all game modes in a single session.
    Woof Woof (Bronze): Find the secret mode.

Additionally, there are eight secret trophies:

    Short Game (Silver): Win a match while keeping your body at minimum length.
    Mucking About (Silver): Spend a long time while warming up.
    Nail Biter (Bronze): Win a game while the other team's goal is nearly full.
    Didn't Sleep a Wink (Bronze): Talk a lot during a game of Sleepytime.
    Miserly (Bronze): Keep all three balls in your goal for an entire point in Greedy.
    Liner (Bronze): Win Knockout while your own ball is on the boundary line.
    Turnover (Bronze): Have ten or more changeovers in a single point of Halfcourt.
    Goooaaalll! (Bronze): Score in both soccer goals while warming up.
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