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Bonus characters

Successfully complete the indicated chapter in Adventure mode to unlock the corresponding character in the other modes:

    Draco-Centauros and Witch: Chapter 5
    Ecolo and X: Chapter 7
    Lemres and Satan: Chapter 6
    Schezo and Feli: Chapter 4


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    100 Tetris (Bronze): Perform 100 Tetris clears.
    200 Tetris (Silver): Perform 200 Tetris clears.
    50 Tetris (Bronze): Perform 50 Tetris clears.
    5REN (Bronze): Perform a 5 REN.
    8REN (Bronze): Perform a 8 REN.
    Adventure 100% (Gold): Complete 100% of Adventure mode.
    Adventure 50% (Bronze): Complete 50% of Adventure mode.
    Adventure 70% (Silver): Complete 70% of Adventure mode.
    Arcade Domination (Bronze): Play all 5 Dream Arcade modes.
    B2B100 (Silver): Perform 100 back 2 backs.
    B2B25 (Bronze): Perform 25 back 2 backs.
    B2B50 (Bronze): Perform 50 back 2 backs.
    Clear the Board 100 Times (Bronze): Clear the board 100 times.
    Clear the Board 150 Times (Silver): Clear the board 150 times.
    Clear the Board 50 Times (Bronze): Clear the board 50 times.
    Club Victory (Bronze): Win a Club match online.
    Complete All Trophies (Platinum): Complete all other trophies.
    Erase 1000 Puyos (Bronze): Erase 1000 Puyos.
    Erase 1000 Tetriminoes (Bronze): Erase 1000 Tetriminoes.
    Erase 10000 Puyos (Bronze): Erase 10000 Puyos.
    Erase 10000 Tetriminoes (Bronze): Erase 10000 Tetriminoes.
    Erase 100000 Puyos (Gold): Erase 100000 Puyos.
    Erase 100000 Tetriminoes (Gold): Erase 100000 Tetriminoes.
    Erase 3 Colors (Bronze): Erase 3 colors of Puyos at the same time.
    Erase 4 Colors (Bronze): Erase 4 colors of Puyos at the same time.
    Erase 50000 Puyos (Silver): Erase 50000 Puyos.
    Erase 50000 Tetriminoes (Silver): Erase 50000 Tetriminoes.
    Perform 100 3-Chain Combos (Bronze): Perform 100 3-chain combos.
    Perform 100 4-Chain Combos (Bronze): Perform 100 4-chain combos.
    Perform 100 5-Chain Combos (Bronze): Perform 100 5-chain combos.
    Perform 100 6-Chain Combos (Bronze): Perform 100 6-chain combos.
    Perform 150 7-Chain Combos (Silver): Perform 150 7-chain combos.
    Perform 3 Perfect Clears (Bronze): Perform 3 perfect clears.
    Perform a Perfect Clear (Bronze): Perform a perfect clear.
    Puyo Puyo Training (Bronze): Play all 3 Training modes.
    Puzzle League 10 Victories (Silver): Win 10 Ranked matches online.
    Puzzle League Victory (Bronze): Win a Ranked match online.
    Reach the End (Bronze): Complete Adventure mode once.
    Win 10 Matches in Endless Battle (Bronze): Win 10 matches in Endless Battle in a row.
    Win 15 Matches in Endless Battle (Silver): Win 15 matches in Endless Battle in a row.
    Win 3 Matches in Endless Battle (Bronze): Win 3 matches in Endless Battle in a row.
    Win 5 Matches in Endless Battle (Bronze): Win 5 matches in Endless Battle in a row.
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