Q.U.B.E.: Director's Cut

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Whatever Floats Your Boat (Silver): Don't touch the floor in Hover Headway.
    Sector 1, Completed (Bronze): Complete Sector 1.
    Sector 2, Completed (Bronze): Complete Sector 2.
    Sector 3, Completed (Bronze): Complete Sector 3.
    Sector 4, Completed (Bronze): Complete Sector 4.
    Sector 5, Completed (Bronze): Complete Sector 5.
    Sector 6, Completed (Bronze): Complete Sector 6.
    Sector 7, Completed (Bronze): Complete Sector 7.
    Attractive (Bronze): Complete the series of magnet puzzles in Sector 5.
    The Ball (Bronze): Complete the second ball puzzle in Sector 7.
    Tough Going (Bronze): Complete the hardest puzzle in the game.
    Fizzicks (Bronze): Complete the final physics puzzle.
    Find The Developers (Bronze): Find a picture of the developers.
    Finale (Silver): Complete Q.U.B.E..
    Behind The Scenes (Bronze): Find the hidden area in Sector 5.
    Complete My Secret 2 (Bronze): Complete the hidden beta puzzle in Sector 5.
    Push Me To Completion (Bronze): Push the ball in the hidden area in Sector 5 down the hallway.
    Complete My Secret 3 (Bronze): Complete the hidden puzzle in Sector 6.
    Complete My Secret 1 (Bronze): Complete the hidden puzzle in Sector 4.
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