Rabbids Invasion

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    First episode! (Bronze): Finish any episode.
    First selfie! (Bronze): First photo made on the Rabbids Photo Booth.
    Rabbid hundred (Bronze): Reach more than 100 points on any minigame.
    Flash statue (Bronze): Win 50 poses across the game.
    Rabbid eye (Bronze): Win 50 Object Hunt across the game.
    Runner (Bronze): Win a Rabbids Race.
    Two's company (Bronze): Play with a friend.
    Running alone (Bronze): Win a Rabbids Race by 100 points or more.
    Rabbid world! (Silver): Unlock one new chapter per zone.
    Running Rabbid (Silver): Complete all Rabbids Races.
    Record Rabbid (Silver): Establish 10 records.
    Season complete (Gold): Finish all episodes.
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