Race The Sun

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Sparrow (Bronze): Reach level 3.
    Swallow (Bronze): Reach level 10.
    Nighthawk (Bronze): Reach level 15.
    Falcon (Bronze): Reach level 20.
    Eagle (Bronze): Reach level 25.
    Bishop (Bronze): Reach 100k points in 1 run.
    Knight (Silver): Score 1 million points in 1 run.
    King (Gold): Score 5 million points in 1 run.
    Meteoroid (Silver): Clear region 4 in Apocalypse.
    Lindbergh (Bronze): Finish 3 "perfect region" in 1 run.
    Yeager (Silver): Finish 6 "perfect regions" in 1 run.
    Wright (Bronze): Collect 50 tris in-air in 1 run.
    Cirrus (Bronze): Touch a cloud.
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