Replay: VHS Is Not Dead

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Be nice, rewind! (Bronze): Rewind for the first time.
    88 mph! (Bronze): Rewind more than 500 times.
    He's dead, Jim! (Bronze): Die for the first time.
    Why so serious? (Bronze): Use a token for the first time.
    Scene 4, Take 42, Action! (Bronze): Spend more than 10 minutes on a level.
    Tetros - The movie (Bronze): Stack 4 characters
    Mrs. Doubtwater (Bronze): Get all the outfits.
    The End. (Silver): Complete the game.
    Multipass! (Silver): Get all the keys in the game.
    Oscar for the best player. (Gold): Earn all the gold medals.

Additionally, there are four secret trophies:

    Squid sushi for dinner! (50 points): Defeat the Kraken.
    ERROR: BOSS NOT FOUND_ (50 points): Defeat Ray 7000
    Vade Retro, Dracula! (50 points): Defeat Dracula.
    My precious...Trident! (50 points): Defeat the Statue.
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