Resident Evil 2




Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding bonus:

    ATM-4 Rocket Launcher (infinite ammo): Successfully complete either Leon scenario on the Hardcore difficulty with an "S+" rank ("S" rank time, maximum of three manual saves, no infinite ammo guns; can use infinite Combat Knife).

    Claire B scenario: Successfully complete the Leon A or B scenario on any difficulty.

    Classic Claire and Leon costumes: Successfully complete either the Leon A or Claire A scenario.

    Infinite Combat Knife: Destroy all 15 Mr. Raccoons.

    LE 5 Submachine Gun (infinite ammo): Successfully complete the game on the Hardcore difficulty with an "S" rank. Note: The time requirement for an "S" rank on the Hardcore difficulty is 2:30:00 for Leon A and Claire A, and 2:00:00 for Leon B and Claire B.

    Leon B scenario: Successfully complete the Claire A or B scenario on any difficulty.

    Minigun (infinite ammo): Successfully complete either Claire scenario on the Hardcore difficulty with an "S+" rank ("S" rank time, maximum of three manual saves, no infinite ammo guns; can use infinite Combat Knife).

    Samurai Edge pistol (infinite ammo): Successfully complete the game on the Normal difficulty with an "S" rank. Note: The time requirement for an "S" rank on the Normal difficulty is 3:30:00 for Leon A and Claire A, and 3:00:00 for Leon B and Claire B.

    The 4th Survivor mode (Hunk scenario): Successfully complete the Leon B scenario on any difficulty.

    Tofu costumes: Successfully complete the Tofu scenario.

    Tofu mode: Successfully complete The 4th Survivor mode (Hunk scenario).

All collectible locations

Search the indicated locations to find all 127 collectible in the Resident Evil 2 remake: 58 Files, 15 Mr. Raccoons, 8 Safe Locks, 6 Inventory Upgrades, 2 Portal Safes, 6 Maps, and 32 Key Items. This guide shows all collectibles in chronological order. Each of the four campaigns contains unique collectibles. They are show in the following order: Leon A, Claire A, Leon B, Claire B.


    F = File
    U = Inventory Upgrade
    R = Raccoon
    S = Safe Lock
    PS = Portable Safe
    M = Map
    Name = Key Item Name


Leon A

    1. F1 - 0:05
    2. F2 - 0:38
    3. Lion Statue - 1:00
    4. F3 - 1:38
    5. M1 - 1:58
    6. F4 - 2:06
    7. F5 - 2:27
    8. F6 - 2:42
    9/10. S1 & S2 - 3:00
    11/12. S3 & U1 - 3:41
    13. R1 - 4:20
    14. F7 - 4:40
    15. F8 - 4:55
    16. S4 - 5:11
    17. F9 - 5:36
    18. PS - 5:51
    19. S5 - 6:36
    20. Blue Key - 7:09
    21. F10 - 7:21
    22. U2 - 7:38
    23. F11 - 7:58
    24. M2 - 8:09
    25. Unicorn Statue - 8:23
    26. F12 - 8:50
    27. S6 - 9:05
    28. F13 - 9:38
    29. Weapons Locker Keycard - 9:53
    30. Cutting Tool - 10:33
    31. Round Handle - 10:46
    32. Electrical Part - 11:02
    33. Battery - 11:26
    34. F14 - 11:50
    35. R2 - 12:07
    36. Electronic Gadget - 12:22
    37. Maiden Statue - 12:54
    38. U3 - 14:24
    39. M3 - 14:39
    40. F15 - 14:59
    41. Tool - 15:12
    42. F16 - 15:26
    43. Purple Key - 15:47
    44. Electronic Part - 16:10
    45. F17 - 16:35
    46. F18 - 16:51
    47. R3 - 17:04
    48. Car Key - 17:22
    49. R4 - 18:10
    50. Electrical Part - 18:27
    51. R5 - 18:53
    52. Large Gear - 19:23
    53. Green Key - 19:38
    54. Red Book - 19:52
    55. Red Jewel - 20:05
    56. STARS Badge - 21:10
    57. F19 - 21:48
    58. F20 - 22:01
    59. PS - 23:00
    60. U4 - 23:43
    61. Tool - 24:27
    62. F21 - 24:46
    63. R6 - 25:52
    64. Electronic Part - 26:21
    65. F22 - 28:17
    66/67. F23 & Parking Key Card - 29:12
    68. R7 - 29:29
    69. F24 - 29:54
    70. R8 - 30:29
    71. F25 - 30:51
    72. F26 - 31:11
    73. S7 - 31:28
    74. M4 - 31:56
    75. F27 - 32:10
    76. F28 - 32:25
    77. T-Bar Valve Handle - 32:37
    78. F29 - 32:54
    79. S8 - 33:11
    80. Sewers Key - 33:45
    81. R9 - 34:17
    82. King Plug / Queen Plug - 34:38
    83. U5 - 36:29
    84. F30 - 37:06
    85. Rook Plug - 37:32
    Chess Plugs Puzzle - 37:46
    86. F31 - 39:26
    87. F32 - 39:48
    88. M5 - 40:14
    89. R10 - 40:33
    90. Electronic Chip - 40:50
    91. F33 - 41:10
    92. Dispersal Cartridge - 41:27
    Lab Puzzle - 42:10
    93. F34 - 43:10
    94. M6 - 43:23
    95. F35 - 43:43
    96. Signal Modulator - 43:56
    97. F36 - 44:07
    98. Herbicide - 44:52
    99. Senior Staff ID - 45:34
    100. F37 - 46:16
    101. U6 - 46:36
    102. R11 - 46:36
    103. F38 - 46:36
    104. F39 - 47:38
    105. F40 - 48:15

Claire A

    106. F41 - 48:42
    107. F42 - 48:58
    108. F43 - 49:26
    109. F44 - 49:40
    110. F45 - 49:57
    111. F46 - 50:15
    112. R12 - 50:33
    113. F47 - 50:57
    114. F48 - 51:18
    115. F49 - 51:39
    116. R13 - 51:54
    117. R14 - 52:21
    118. F50 - 52:46
    119. F51 - 53:03
    120. F52 - 53:22

Leon B

    121. R15 - 53:51
    122. F53 - 54:29
    123. F54 - 54:44
    124. F55 - 55:03
    125. F56 - 55:24

Claire B

    126. F57 - 56:00
    127. F58 - 56:23

All weapon locations

Search the indicated locations to find all 11 collectable weapons in RE2 (2019). Leon and Claire have different weapons. You will find them in the exact same locations, but a different weapon will be there. Claire has one more weapon than Leon (she has an extra in the Parking Garage, where Leon only finds a Weapon Upgrade Part). The weapons can be missed. If you progress past the point of no return (Cable Car ride in Sewers), you cannot obtain the weapons any longer. One weapon with each character is tied to their "B" scenario ("New Game 2nd Run" at the title menu).


    1. [Leon] W-870 Shotgun - 0:05
    2. [Claire] GM 79 Grenade Launcher - 0:44
    3. [Claire] JMB HP3 Pistol - 1:05
    4. [Leon] Lightning Hawk Magnum - 2:07
    5. [Claire] MQ 11 SMG - 5:05
    6. [Leon] Chemical Flamethrower - 5:40
    7. [Claire] Spark Shot - 6:37
    8. [Leon] Anti-Tank Rocket - 7:55
    9. [Claire] Minigun - 8:11
    10. [Leon B Scenario] M19 Pistol - 8:27
    11. [Claire B Scenario] Quickdraw Army Revolver - 8:54

All puzzle solutions

The following video shows the solution to all 18 puzzles in Resident Evil 2 (2019). Each character has two stories (A and B scenario). The solutions are different in each scenario -- so this video shows both versions. The Leon A and Claire A scenarios have the same solutions, but the Leon B and Claire B scenarios are different from the A scenarios. These are all story-related puzzles that are mandatory to advance in the game. If you are unsure where to go in between puzzles, refer to the walkthrough or collectibles videos, which includes all key items.


Leon A

    1. Lion Statue Medallion Puzzle - 0:05
    2. Unicorn Statue Medallion Puzzle - 0:43
    3. Maiden Statue Medallion Puzzle - 1:13
    4. Goddess Statue Solution - 2:10
    5. [Leon Only] Switchboard (Jail / Generator Room) - 2:47
    6. [Leon Only] Electric Door Panel Circuit (Jail) - 3:03
    7. Queen Plug + King Plug (Sewers) - 3:48
    8. Chess Plugs Socket Puzzle (Monitor Room) - 5:38
    9. Greenhouse Lab Code Puzzle - 7:22
    10. Drug Testing Lab Herbicide Synthesis - 8:02

Claire A

    11. Electric Door Panel Circuit (Private Collection Room) - 9:01
    12. Sherry Bedroom Puzzle - 9:45

Leon and Claire B

    13. Lion Statue B - 10:27
    14. Unicorn Statue B - 10:46
    15. Maiden Statue B - 11:10
    16. Chess Plugs Socket Puzzle - 11:32
    17. Greenhouse Lab Code Puzzle - 12:26
    18. Drug Testing Lab Herbicide Synthesis - 13:04

Full "S+" speedrun walkthrough

The following video is a full Resident Evil 2 remake walkthrough for Claire's story with an "S+" rank, 0 deaths, Normal difficulty, 2:07:42 final time, in under 14,000 steps for the "A Small Carbon Footprint" and "Sizzling Scarlet Hero" trophies. Note: This was a first playthrough without using the Infinite Ammo unlockables. It would go much faster using the pistol with infinite ammo.

The 4th Survivor walkthrough

In The 4th Survivor, you play as Hunk and must go through the sewers and make it all the way back to the main entrance of the police station, while having to take the long way each time since your usual fastest way is somehow blocked. You begin with four weapons, some ammo, a few healing items, some defensive items, and gun powder. The following video shows you how to complete The 4th Survivor. The following are explanations to why a few choices are made in the walkthrough:

    1. Use the gun powder to craft shotgun shells, as the shotgun has the best spread and you do not have to aim it very precisely. It helps since you want to move forward all the time, especially while being chased by Mr. X.

    2. Unequip the defensive items early in order to keep them for later, as the final part outside of RPD is extremely challenging. There is an area where you need to get past the zombie festival and a plant zombie can grab you and instantly kill you. Use your grenades for that part only.

    3. Use your red-blue health mixture at the indicated point in the video. The red-blue mixture gives you a temporary defense boost and immunity against poison. It is used in that area so you do not have to bother killing those enemies since you need the ammo later as well as for protection from the big enemies in the sewers. They will grab you, but you can simply ignore it since you will not get poisoned.

All endings

There are four endings in the Resident Evil 2 remake (True ending, Leon ending, Claire ending, and Secret Boss ending). You must complete all four scenarios (Leon A, Leon B, Claire A, Claire B) to view all endings. The "True" ending appears during your first "B" scenario playthrough with either character. It also triggers a bonus boss fight at the end.

Easy "Bon Appétit" trophy

While countering your enemy with L1 and having a grenade/flash grenade equipped, you will feed it to an enemy. The enemy will stagger for a while with the grenade in their mouth. Simply shoot the grenade to get the "Bon Appétit" trophy. If you do not get it from natural gameplay on your first playthrough, it can quickly be done at the start of the "B" scenario (2nd run) for both Leon and Claire. In the first room you enter is a grenade, only a few seconds after starting the "B" scenario story.

Easy "Gotcha!" trophy

This trophy is easily missable. Make sure to save the game after placing all chess-figure plugs in the Sewer's Monitor Room. At the end of the sewer section, you will encounter G for the second time. You will first be attacked by him in a burning room. Stand next to the "high voltage box" between the metal shutter and switchbox, and he will not be able to hit you. Once you reach a platform with a container, press the red button in order to send the container away. Damage G as much as possible. There is no clear health indicator -- so just keep shooting him with all your ammo. When you are close to running out of ammo, stagger him and press the red button on the control panel to call the container back. It will hit G and knock him into the abyss if you have damaged him enough. You only get the "Gotcha!" trophy if he is defeated when calling back the Crane for the first time. If he does not fall, it means you did not damage him enough. If that happens, quit to main menu and continue or reload the last manual save. Do not stand in the middle of the platform since the container can hit you as well. If in doubt, bringing G to his knees five times should be sufficient damage to make him fall with the first Crane use.

Easy "Hats Off!" trophy

After extinguishing the fire on the rooftop of the Police Station (halfway through the story with either Leon or Claire), you will encounter the Tyrant. The "Tyrant" (also known as Mr. X) will start chasing you throughout the Police Station. Simply shoot his hat off to get the "Hats Off!" trophy. You cannot kill him -- so only stagger him so you do not waste your time and ammunition.

Easy "In The Blink Of An Eye" trophy

Note: This can only be done in Leon's story. The Super Tyrant is the final boss in Leon's story. You will have 10 minutes to escape and kill the boss. Use the weapons you have that inflict the most damage and this should not be a problem. You will get a rocket launcher to finish him off after dealing enough damage.

Easy "Keep Their Heads Ringin'" trophy

Simply throw a flash grenade at a licker to paralyze a licker's sense of hearing and get the "Keep Their Heads Ringin'" trophy. For example, you will encounter a Licker in the corridor leading to the S.T.A.R.S. Office on the 2nd Floor of the Police Station. There is a flash grenade inside the S.T.A.R.S. Office -- so it is a perfect opportunity to get the trophy early on. Lickers are the enemies that crawl up walls and attack with sharp claws and whip around their long tongues.

Easy "Like Skeet Shooting" trophy

It is much easier to shoot a Zombie Dog out of the air than a Licker. In Leon's campaign, you encounter dogs in the Parking Garage after turning on the power. In Claire's campaign, you encounter them on the way to the Orphanage after exiting the Parking Garage. When you see a zombie dog, keep your weapon aimed in its direction (preferably shotgun or submachine gun) and wait for it to jump at you. The chance is high you will get it without trying.

Easy "Treasure Hunter" trophy

First, find the film roll, which can be found on a table in the Workroom in the sewers. Use the T-Bar Handle to open the Valve in the Lower Waterway (Lower Sewers), which leads to the Workroom Lift. Take the lift up to find the film roll on a table. Proceed through the Worker's Break Room, and you will be able to backtrack all the way to the Police Station. Go to the Dark Room to develop the film, and you will get two pictures of where to find hidden items. Those places are the Press Room (Police Station 1F) and S.T.A.R.S Office (Police Station 2F). Find the two hidden items to get the "Treasure Hunter" trophy.

Easy "With Time To Spare" trophy

Note: This can only be done in Claire's story. 4G is the final boss in Claire's story. You will have 10 minutes to escape and kill the boss. Use the weapons you have that inflict the most damage and this should not be a problem. You will get a minigun to finish him off after dealing enough damage.

Easy "Zombie Roundup" trophy

Throw a frag grenade in a group of three or more zombies. It will instantly kill them and you will get the "Zombie Roundup" trophy. If you do not get it from natural gameplay on your first playthrough, it can quickly be done at the start of the "B" scenario (2nd run) for both Leon and Claire. In the first room you enter is a grenade, only a few seconds after starting the "B" scenario story.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Raccoon City Native (Platinum): Obtain all trophies.
    Hardcore College Student (Gold): Complete Claire's story on "Hardcore" game mode.
    Hardcore Rookie (Gold): Complete Leon's story on "Hardcore" game mode.
    A Hero Emerges (Silver): Complete Leon's story.
    A Heroine Emerges (Silver): Complete Claire's story.
    A Small Carbon Footprint (Silver): Take 14000 steps or fewer in one playthrough.
    Complete Vermin Extermination (Silver): Destroy all Mr. Raccoons.
    Frugalist (Silver): Complete the game without using a recovery item.
    Master of Unlocking (Silver): Open all of the safes and locks in the game.
    Minimalist (Silver): Clear the game without opening the item box.
    A Vault-like Mind (Bronze): Open a portable safe.
    A Waist of Space (Bronze): Expand inventory slots to max.
    Bon Appétit (Bronze): Shoot the grenade you fed to an enemy.
    Customizer (Bronze): Customize a weapon.
    Don't Need No Stinkin' Gun (Bronze): Defeat an enemy with a knife.
    Eat This! (Bronze): Counterattack with a sub-weapon.
    First Break-In (Bronze): Open a dial safe.
    Hats Off! (Bronze): Shoot Tyrant's hat off his head.
    Hip to Add Squares (Bronze): Increase your inventory slots.
    Keep Their Heads Ringin' (Bronze): Paralyze a licker's sense of hearing.
    Like Skeet Shooting (Bronze): Shoot a zombie dog or a licker out of the air.
    Lore Explorer (Bronze): Read all of the files.
    That'll Hold 'Em (Bronze): Use Wooden Boards to board up a window.
    The Basics of Survival (Bronze): Combine two items together.
    Treasure Hunter (Bronze): Using the photo hints, find 2 hidden items.
    Vermin Extermination (Bronze): Destroy a Mr. Raccoon.
    Zombie Roundup (Bronze): Kill 3 enemies at once with a sub-weapon.

Additionally, there are 15 secret trophies:

    Leon "S." Kennedy (Gold): Complete Leon's story on "Standard" or "Hardcore" with an S rank.
    Sizzling Scarlet Hero (Gold): Complete Claire's story on "Standard" or "Hardcore" with an S rank.
    Broken Umbrella (Silver): Witness the true ending.
    Gotcha! (Silver): Defeat Stage 2 G using the crane only once.
    A Great Need for a Shower (Bronze): Escape from the sewers.
    Grim Reaper (Bronze): Complete "The 4th Survivor" extra mode.
    Hack Complete (Bronze): Complete Ada's segment.
    Hide and Seek (Bronze): Complete Sherry's segment.
    In the Blink of an Eye (Bronze): Defeat Super Tyrant with 5+ minutes left until detonation.
    Never-Ending Rain (Bronze): Escape the police station.
    One Slick Super-spy (Bronze): Use only the EMF Visualizer to complete Ada's gameplay segment.
    Path to the Goddess (Bronze): Solve the Goddess Statue puzzle.
    Welcome to the City of the Dead (Bronze): Make it to the police station.
    With Time to Spare (Bronze): Defeat Stage 4 G with 4+ minutes left until detonation.
    Young Escapee (Bronze): Escape the bedroom within 60 seconds during Sherry's segment.
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