EA Sports UFC 3 Review
EA Sports UFC 3 Cover Art
System: PS4, Xbox One
Dev: EA Canada
Pub: EA
Release: February 2, 2018
Players: 1-2 Player
Screen Resolution: 480p-1080p Violence, Blood, Language, Suggestive Themes
Kick, Punch, It’s All in the Mind
by Lucas White

Combat sports are a relatively new thing for me. I started watching professional wrestling in roughly 2013, and since then I’ve learned to appreciate the artistry and storytelling potential of the “sport.” I’m not as familiar with MMA, but I have come to notice an everlasting bridge constructed between the two, as marketing, fanbases, and even talent have a long history of intersecting. It makes sense; while one is a true sport and the other is entertainment, both borrow from the other in different ways. If only WWE, the wrestling juggernaut, could have contemporary video games as cool as its punchier rival, UFC.

EA’s UFC series is relatively young, but it has that EA Sports pedigree strapping that proverbial rocket to its back. Everything you would expect out of an EA adaptation of UFC is present – in-depth, obsessively designed mechanics, a laundry list of game modes, and an endless stream of numbers. This is a simulation as much as any given Madden or NHL installment. But, being a one-on-one combat sport, it feels substantially different compared to its peers. I’m new to the world of sports sims, having dived in headfirst late last year. But I’m not new to fighting games, and I admit to having a bit of a chip on my shoulder going into this year’s UFC 3. Generally speaking, my confidence was unearned, but not unjustified either.

Having partaken in enough UFC events to have a basic understanding of how things usually go and knowing what I know about EA Sports sims, I figured going in that grappling would be the real test. Grappling is the most nuanced part of UFC, therefore it would be the most difficult to translate effectively in a video game. I was right, and the times I felt forced into playing with those systems colored my experience with UFC 3 in a negative light, at times. But when I first started, I went in planning to swing my fists as much as I could and treated the game like I was playing Tekken or something similar. And for a while, it worked!

The striking game in UFC 3 is satisfying in that horrible, self-reflective way that makes you wonder why the human psyche gets so much glee out of participating in brutal violence. When I time the strike just right, see my opponent’s head rock to the side as my controller vibrates just so, and the doofus ape man providing commentary shouts, “OH!” with the perfect pitch of feigned disbelief, it’s like the rest of the world stops for a second. Then the blood starts pumping again when I realize the dude’s stunned, and it’s my chance to end things with another meaty swing or a sweet, flying kick. It’s ridiculous.

EA Sports UFC 3 Screenshot

And in terms of playing UFC 3, it’s easy to do and easy to understand. It really is like Tekken, with a face button acting as a proxy for each limb. But instead of juggles and special stick movements, you can modify your strikes with different combinations of the trigger buttons. Even if you can’t memorize your fighter’s whole moveset, the fundamental concept lends itself well to making things up on the fly and succeeding. But eventually you will get grabbed, and that is when the sports sim part kicks in.

EA Sports UFC 3 Screenshot

Once you’re grappling in UFC 3, you’re dealing with what feels like a whole other game, a game in which you uncomfortably jam the analog stick in stark directions, hold the right trigger at what might be appropriate times, and hope for the best. The game tries to explain how it works, but between unwieldy visual cues and that inorganic split between game inputs and onscreen action, it doesn’t work well. If you end up in a submission, it’s still obtuse, but the explanations given are just slightly better and that was enough for me to figure it out. It still feels like climbing uphill, and until sports game devs can find the secret sauce, I fear it will remain that way for a while yet.

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