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System: PS4
Dev: Digital Extremes
Pub: Digital Extremes
Release: November 15, 2013
Players: 1-4
Screen Resolution: 480p-1080p Violence, Blood

Also helpful is the fact that players don't have to wait for other people to start a mission. A Warframe task can be taken on alone. Other people can then drop in as someone plays. Granted, I never had any problem finding a match whenever I logged in, but this feature will prove helpful as other PS4 games pop up and Warframe's allure fades. Many missions do require a team of players to survive, but it is comforting to know that players don't have to wait for a full crew to enjoy a round.

Besides, it's worth a player's while to go through these Warframe motions. For one, special alert missions are also available for limited periods of time, and rewards are given for logging in daily, so there's quite an incentive to keep checking back. The alert missions have a higher difficulty level, with a better payoff for managing to complete them. Plus, logging in daily provides a little boost for players as well.

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Not to mention, performing a mission means leveling up. This is called increasing affinity in the Warframe world. The higher affinity earned with a Warframe, weapon or sentinel, the more mods can be applied to it. The more mods applied to each piece of equipment, the better they'll be. Mods are fairly easy to come across, as you can buy them, get them as a mission reward, from beating enemies, and from canisters. The best mods, of course, only come from completing special missions, fighting strong enemies, or the market.

Which brings us to the cash portion of Warframe. It is free-to-play, but people can pay to buy more Warframes, sentinels, weapons, mods, and such. The market contains platinum (real cash) items, as well as things that can be purchased with the in-game credit currency. Extra Warframe blueprints, for example, can be purchased. However, platinum immediately buys a player a new Warframe. Getting a blueprint means a player also has to collect a large number of resources, spend money to build each part, and then wait a certain number of days for it to be constructed. Unless a player is extraordinarily dedicated and patient, they'll probably feel a need to just pay real cash and get it over with, which does put a damper on things.


Still, while Warframe isn't a perfect game, I have a hard time criticizing it. It is free-to-play, after all, and quite a bit of enjoyment can be had without ever cracking open one's wallet. There aren't many free-to-play games that can make that claim. Granted, I was playing with the PlayStation Plus users' starter pack, which made my life a little more comfortable. It also gets points for being accessible, even to a third-person-shooter novice like myself. Simply put, PS4 owners lose nothing by giving Digital Extreme's third-person shooter a try, and may gain an entertaining timesink to enjoy with friends while waiting for the next wave of PS4 games.

Jenni Lada
Contributing Writer
Date: November 18, 2013

It looks okay, but isn't showing what the PS4 can do.
Players can run, jump, roll, slash, and shoot their way through various compounds.
Music / Sound FX / Voice Acting
The Lotus has an adequate voice actress, but everything is very generic.
Play Value
Players have a decent array of mission objectives and equipment to choose from, with more to come in future updates.
Overall Rating - Good
Not an average. See Rating legend below for a final score breakdown.
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Game Features:

  • Free download, free-to-play, no subscription.
  • Solo or multiplayer - Play alone or with up to three friends in PvE raids
  • Procedurally Generated Levels and Objectives - always-changing level layout and structure; never play the same level twice!
  • Weapon and Ability Progression - Continually upgrade your weapons arsenal, Warframes, abilities, and powers
  • Character Customization - Customize your Warframes and weapons with alternate abilities, skins, color palettes, and equipment

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