Rise Of The Kasai

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Protector of the Innocent (Platinum): Unlock all trophies.
    Unsuspecting (Bronze): Perform two group stealth kills in one level during one play session.
    Always wear a helmet! (Bronze): Crush three enemies at once with a stack of barrels.
    Legendary Precision (Bronze): Get 10 headshots in one level with the bow.
    Death from above (Bronze): Stealth kill an enemy from above.
    Gimme That! (Bronze): Disarm 15 enemies in one level.
    Second Wind (Bronze): Kill ten consecutive enemies while Player's health is below 25%.
    Puff, Puff, Pass (Bronze): Stick 10 enemies with puffers in one level.
    Rise of the Kasai (Bronze): Read from the Book of Dundao at a Story Altar.
    Without a Trace (Bronze): Complete a level without saving.
    Heavy Handed (Silver): Kill 50 enemies in one level using Baumusu's Narga during one play session.
    Better than Brother (Silver): Kill 50 enemies in one level with Tati's Bishaq during one play session.
    Way of the Elder (Silver): Kill 30 enemies in one level with Griz's Kukrin during one play session.
    Old Reliable (Silver): Kill 50 enemies in one level using Rau's Broadsword during one play session.
    Collector: Tapuroku (Silver): Collect all tukus in the Tapuroku level.
    Collector: Ngari (Silver): Collect all tukus in the Ngari level.
    Collector: Mount Basuku (Silver): Collect all tukus in the Mt. Basuku level.
    Collector: Yolo Maibisi (Silver): Collect all tukus in the Yolo Maibisi level.
    Collector: Vaitaku (Silver): Collect all tukus in the Vaitaku level.
    Collector: Dai Haru (Silver): Collect all tukus in the Dai Haru level.
    Collector: Rutu Tei Huru (Silver): Collect all tukus in the Rutu Tei Huru level.
    A Merciful Warrior (Silver): Complete a level killing fewer than 10 enemies.
    Wrath of the Rakus (Silver): Achieve a body count of 40 in an Arena level.
    Maibisi's Pet (Silver): Defeat the Tentacle monster for the final time.
    A Breath of Hot Air (Silver): Defeat the Dragon on Mt. Basuku with Rau.
    A Watchful Eye (Silver): Unlock all 10 movies.
    Tools of the Trade (Gold): Unlock all weapons by collecting every Tuku.
    Arena Champion (Gold): Unlock all arena levels by completing all level challenges.
    Untouchable (Gold): Complete a level without taking any damage.
    Maibisi's Demise (Gold): Defeat Maibisi.
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