Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Collectionista (Platinum): Get the ultimate Trophy by getting all Trophies.
    Motherloot (Gold): Finish campaign with 10,000 loot left.
    New Sheriff in Town (Gold): Reach the final boss in a campaign mode without firing any special attacks.
    We Never Actually Tested This (Gold): Complete the entire campaign in Single-Credit Mode.
    Access Denied! (Silver): Destroy the walker turret enemy that follows you back into the starship in Mission 6.
    Big Saver (Silver): Max out before Mission 9.
    But They're Harmless! (Silver): Find all innocent cockroaches on the starship, and kill them dead.
    Don't Shoot The Messenger (Silver): Finish a campaign without destroying DLL yourself.
    Follow the Leader (Silver): Get a nurse drone all the way to top in Mission 3.
    Friendly Waters (Silver): Return to warproom after completing mission 10, without destroying any enemies.
    God Mode (Silver): Defeat the RIVE end boss in Single-Credit Mode.
    Mint Condition (Silver): Burst through the hull in Mission 7 with full health.
    Pay Attention, Houdini! (Silver): Congratulations, you managed to escape the ship!
    Scavenger (Silver): Find all secret pickups.
    Single Purchase (Silver): Complete a campaign with only 1 purchase.
    Unblockable (Silver): Get past the dropped container in the warp room in the Epilogue.
    We Come in Peace (Silver): Finish Mission 1 without shooting.
    You Can Do It, In Theory (Silver): Complete all missions in Single-Credit Mode.
    01110100 01101000 01100101 00000001 (Bronze): Hack 50 enemies.
    Breaking and Entering (Bronze): Infiltrate Galaxian Service Vessel #6.
    Captain Ahab (Bronze): Defeat the Super Skywhale.
    CHOO CHOO! (Bronze): Destroy 12 enemies with a single train.
    Doggy Style (Bronze): Get rid of all laser turrets after being ejected into space in Mission 9.
    Eye of the Tiger (Bronze): Defeat the Mega Smashbot.
    Fried Squid (Bronze): Get 3 squid enemies to electrocute themselves on the train track during the Mission 4 gravity bubble fight.
    Got Your Back (Bronze): Destroy a walker turret enemy without destroying its shield.
    Greenpeace (Bronze): Complete Mission 2 without destroying the Skywhale.
    Heartless (Bronze): Destroy 10 depleted nurse drones and harvest their loot.
    Hide and Reap (Bronze): Destroy 25 enemies with a hacked turret, while hiding underwater.
    L-IFE (Bronze): Find the secret L-IFE room.
    Lock and Load (Bronze): Fully upgrade your spider tank using the upgrade station.
    Master of the Universe (Bronze): Defeat the RIVE endboss.
    Minesweeper (Bronze): Destroy all floating mines in Mission 6.
    Pest Control (Bronze): Destroy all wasps in underwater warproom.
    Purge (Bronze): Destroy all malfunctioning kamikaze enemies in the Epilogue.
    Smashed and Slivered (Bronze): Destroy 2 Smashbots in the same fight using a shredder.
    Turncoat (Bronze): Get a hacked Smashbot to destroy two other Smashbots.
    Willy (Bronze): Play the Dutch anthem in the main menu.

Additionally, there are four secret trophies:

    Old McDonald (Bronze): Ye olde farmer detected!
    Sleeping with the Fishes (Bronze): Die while underwater.
    Spray and Pray (Bronze): Fire non-stop for 2 minutes.
    Squeeky Clean (Bronze): Spend 60 seconds under a waterfall.
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