Rocketbirds 2: Evolution

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Platinum Trophy (Platinum): Collect all trophies.
    The Hardboiled Chicken (Gold): Complete all six chapters in Story Mode.
    The Search and Rescue Strikeforce (Gold): As host, complete a rescue mission for all four locations in Rescue Mode.
    Signs of Evolution (Gold): Find all 18 signs in all 6 chapters in Story Mode.
    Signs of Hardboiled Chicken (Silver): Find 9 signs in any three chapters in Story Mode.
    Signs of Revolution (Silver): Find all 3 signs of a single chapter in Story Mode.
    UFO Hit and Run (Silver): Kill all enemies during Hardboiled's final, successful escape in Chapter 6.
    Space Owl Droppings (Bronze): Drop six Space Owls into the liquid ooze in Chapter 6.
    Half Minute Hexapod (Bronze): Defeat the swinging hexapod, once you see its health bar, in under 30 seconds in Chapter 5.
    The Spider's Nose (Bronze): Stand on the Hexapod's Nose while it is firing its missiles in Chapter 4.
    Goose Brother Blast (Bronze): Detonate a bomb near either G-man in the final show-down in Chapter 2.
    The Obeyor (Bronze): Make enemies kill 15 co-workers in Chapter 2.
    The Infiltrator (Bronze): Melee kill 15 Enemies in a row without triggering the alarm in Chapter 2.
    The Headhunter (Bronze): Headshot kill 15 enemies in a row in Chapter 1.
    The Informant (Bronze): Get someone to tell you what's up ahead in Chapter 1.
    Shoot Yourself, Putzki (Bronze): Make Putzki shoot himself in Chapter 1.
    The Great Unlocker (Gold): Unlock 100 costume items or weapons in Rescue Mode.
    Awesome Achiever (Gold): Attain 3 star scores for all four locations in Rescue Mode.
    Sharp Shooter (Silver): Attain a 80% or higher accuracy score on a mission in Rescue Mode.
    Construction Complete (Silver): As host, collect all nine artifacts in Rescue Mode.
    UFO Hostage Missions (Silver): Unlock all 4 hostages in the UFO in Rescue Mode.
    Jungle Hostage Missions (Silver): Unlock all 4 hostages in Jungliana in Rescue Mode.
    Factory Hostage Missions (Silver): Unlock all 4 hostages in Putzki's Pork Plant in Rescue Mode.
    Castle Hostage Missions (Silver): Unlock all 4 hostages in Putzki's Castle in Rescue Mode.
    Big Spender (Bronze): Spend more than 50,000 bucks in Rescue mode.
    Penguins go Pop (Bronze): Headshot kill 100 enemies in the game.
    Crimes of Passion (Bronze): Melee weapon kill 100 Enemies in the game.
    Bouncing Grenade Mayhem (Bronze): Kill 4 Enemies with a single grenade shot in the game.

Additionally, there is one secret trophy:

    The Road Less Traveled (Gold): Unlock Hardboiled Chicken for Rescue Mode in the game.
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