Rogue Galaxy

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    A True Star King (Platinum): Unlock all trophies.
    Stellar Style (Bronze): Change a character into an alternate outfit.
    Space Beetles (Bronze): Win a game of Insectron.
    Nimble Fingers (Bronze): Disarm a trap set on a treasure chest.
    The Departure (Bronze): Complete Chapter One.
    The Jungle Planet (Bronze): Complete Chapter Two.
    The Star God's Altar (Bronze): Complete Chapter Three.
    The Great Escape (Bronze): Complete Chapter Four.
    The Master Hacker (Bronze): Complete Chapter Five.
    The Guide (Bronze): Complete Chapter Six.
    Successful Production (Bronze): Assemble your first item in the factory.
    Gimme Somethin' Tasty! (Bronze): Use Toady to synthesize a new item.
    A Skilled Swashbuckler (Bronze): Learn a level three ability with Jaster.
    Hot Knife Through Butter (Bronze): Succesfully execute a Burning Strike attack.
    Whatever Works (Bronze): Kill 10 enemies with thrown objects.
    A Strong Constitution (Bronze): Reach level 99 with any character.
    Ouch! (Bronze): Inflict over 14,000 damage with a Burning Strike attack.
    Unlocking the Galaxy (Silver): Obtain the Earth, Star, and Sun keys.
    Valkog's Ambition (Silver): Complete Chapter Seven.
    Chasing a Legend (Silver): Complete Chapter Eight.
    Mystery of Eden (Silver): Complete Chapter Nine.
    The Illusory Oasis (Silver): Complete Chapter Ten.
    The Legendary Planet (Silver): Complete Chapter Eleven.
    All Good Things (Silver): Complete Chapter Twelve.
    Lord of the Bugs (Silver): Become the rank S Insectron champion.
    Factory Worker (Gold): Complete all 36 blueprints in the Factory.
    Bounty Hunter (Gold): Complete every Quarry hunt.
    Keeper of the Blades (Gold): Upgrade all legendary Seven-Star Swords to their final form.
    Best in the Galaxy (Gold): Reach the top Hunter's Rank.

Additionally, there are six secret trophies:

    Trash Digger (Bronze): Obtain the Rakshasa Heart item.
    Mirror, Mirror (Bronze): Obtain the Mirror of Truth.
    Space Whiz (Bronze): Receive the Key to the Underworld by completing the Seventh Mystery.
    Ghost Ship Conqueror (Gold): Defeat Doppelganger in the Ghost Ship Extreme.
    Definitely Not Treasure (Silver): Defeat a Mimic.
    Once and for All (Silver): Defeat the Demon Battleship.
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