Rogue Legacy
Dragon class

To unlock the secret Dragon class, you must purchase the last upgrade to the castle. Once "Invuln Time Up" is unlocked, a flag pole will appear at the top of the castle. Press Up to select the "Beastiality" upgrade for 5,810 gold. Purchase this upgrade to unlock the Dragon class. The Dragon class can always fly. While flying, the Dragon can shoot mid-range fireballs that consume mana when activated. The Dragon cannot attack with the sword while flying. If you have only upgraded strength, the Dragon class will not be as powerful. It also requires magic-based equipment to improve stats.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Ergophobia (Platinum): Earn every other trophy.
    Atelophobia (Bronze): Choose a hero with no traits.
    Aurophilia (Bronze): Open your very first gold chest.
    Barophobia (Bronze): Use the special class at least once.
    Bibliophilia (Bronze): Read the last journal entry.
    Biophobia (Bronze): Die 20 times or more.
    Cainotophilia (Bronze): Have one rune equipped in every item slot.
    Coulrophilia (Silver): Beat one of the clown's games at least once.
    Decidophobia (Silver): Put at least one point in every skill in the manor.
    Disposophobia (Gold): Find all blueprints (purchase not necessary).
    Gnosiophilia (Silver): Find all the runes (purchase not necessary).
    Gymnophobia (Bronze): Have one piece of equipment in every item slot.
    Plutophobia (Bronze): Reach level 50 or higher.
    Rhabdophilia (Bronze): Earn your very first Enchantress rune.
    Somniphobia (Silver): Play the game for at least 20 hours.
    Zoophobia (Silver): Defeat all the minibosses.
    Geminiphobia (Gold): Beat the game... twice.
    Katagelasticism (Gold): Mock the traitor.
    Thanatophobia (Gold): WITHOUT using the Architect, complete the game dying 15 times or less.

Additionally, there are 11 secret trophies:

    Ommetaphobia (Bronze): Defeat the boss in Castle Hamson.
    Phasmophobia (Bronze): Defeat the boss in the Forest Abkhazia.
    Pyrophobia (Silver): Defeat the boss in the Maya.
    Blennophobia (Silver): Defeat the boss in the Land of Darkness.
    Paterphobia (Gold): Defeat the last boss.
    Syngenesophobia (Gold): Defeat the brothers.
    Chemophobia (Silver): Defeat the trademarked chemical.
    Ostiophobia (Silver): Defeat the son.
    Scotomaphobia (Silver): Defeat the doppleganger.
    Astrophobia (Silver): Defeat the asteroids.
    Alektorophobia (Bronze): Kill a chicken.
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