Rory McIlroy PGA Tour

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Ace Andrews Special (Gold): Get a hole in one.
    All I Do Is Win (Bronze): Win a PGA TOUR event.
    Battle Begins (Silver): Unlock Paracel Storm Challenges.
    Clean Sheet (Bronze): Play an 18 hole round of Stroke Play in Play Now without getting a bogey.
    Customized (Bronze): Create a Custom Gameplay Style.
    Daily Competition (Silver): Play in a Daily Online Tournament.
    Drinking from the Jug (Silver): Win The Open Championship.
    Feeling Boosted (Bronze): Unlock your first boost.
    Full Foursome (Bronze): Play an 18 hole round of Stroke Play in Play Now with 4 golfers.
    Glow Golf Amateur (Bronze): Earn 150 Stars.
    Golf's Magic Number (Silver): Shoot 59 or better in an 18 hole round of Stroke Play in Play Now.
    Graduation (Bronze): Earn your PGA TOUR card.
    Invitation Only (Silver): Win the EA SPORTS Spring Invitational.
    Night in the Canyon (Silver): Unlock Coyote Falls Challenges.
    Nothing But Cup (Gold): Hole a shot from over 100 yards.
    Now you're golfing with Portals (secret) (Silver): Hit through a portal for the first time.
    Open for Business (Silver): Win the U.S. Open.
    PGA TOUR SUPERSTAR (Platinum): Earn all Trophies.
    Pin Seeker (Bronze): Hit the flagstick.
    Playing For Fun (Silver): Play in a Unranked Online H2H Game.
    Playing For Rank (Silver): Play in a Ranked Online H2H game.
    Seeing Stars (Bronze): Earn three stars in a challenge.
    Special Delivery (Gold): Win the FedExCup.
    Star Walk of Fame (Gold): Complete all challenges at Wolf Creek, Paracel Storm, and Coyote Falls.
    Supernova (Silver): Earn 350 Stars.
    The FIX is in (Bronze): Win the U.S. Open with Rory vs Martin Kaymer.
    Top of the Heap (Gold): Reach #1 in EASG Rankings.
    Wanamaking History (Silver): Win the PGA Championship.
    Weekly Competition (Silver): Play in a Weekly Online Tournament.
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