Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    You Spin Me Right Round (Bronze): Follow a lady into the big smoke.
    I've Made a Huge Mistake (Bronze): Make a huge mistake.
    It's Tuesday! (Bronze): Stand still for a minute of silence at The Memorial.
    The Horn Proclaimers (Bronze): Honk your horn 500 times, then honk your horn 500 more.
    Baby on Board (Bronze): Aggressively warn a dozen pedestrians with the Trafffic Coner.
    Fly Like an Eagle (Bronze): Purchase a pet eagle.
    Better Than Mama (Bronze): Get a better eSports Speedrun Time than the No Goblin team.
    That's Where The Happy People Go (Bronze): View the "How's Your Driving" screen outside of the tutorial. Useful, isn't it?
    25 or 6 to 4 (Bronze): Reach a 35x multiplier.
    For the Love of Money (Bronze): Collect every Cash Stash.
    Gonna Fly Now (Bronze): Accomplish every Sick Jump.
    Low Rider (Bronze): Discover all of the horns.
    Possession Obsession (Bronze): Purchase every hat and paint job.
    Still the One (Bronze): Collect every star in every ride.
    True Maximilian (Bronze): Purchase every property.
    What a Fool Believes (Bronze): Reach 100% completion for the entire game.
    Wheels of Steel (Bronze): Complete an eSports Speedrun without exploding.
    Smoke & Mirrors (Silver): Drive the entire "classic" length of Desert Limo without crashing.

Additionally, there is one secret trophy:

    Tijuana Taxi (Bronze): Drive into the sunset.
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