Second Chance Heroes



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    You're Getting the Hang of It! (Bronze): Defeat 50 monsters.
    You're a Machine! (Silver): Defeat 10,000 monsters.
    Big Boss Man (Silver): Defeat every boss.
    Spice of Life (Silver): Defeat each mini-boss.
    Newbie (Bronze): Beat the first level.
    The Shopping Maul (Bronze): Complete all Mall levels.
    Bindle of Joy (Bronze): Complete all Hobo Colony levels.
    Sight Unzeen (Bronze): Complete all Site Z levels.
    Written by the Victors (Gold): Complete all levels.
    The Best You Can Do? (Bronze): Collect 1,000 XP.
    A Bit Much? (Silver): Collect 100,000 XP.
    Catch 'Em All! (Bronze): Play as each Hero.
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