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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Kanji Lover (Bronze): Collect 75 unique Kanji.
    Fast Ninja (Bronze): Finish 15 unique levels under partime.
    Die Hard (Bronze): Died 100 Times.
    Bloody Rampage (Bronze): Finish 10 levels while killing all enemies.
    Smartass Ninja (Bronze): Kill a Rocket Launcher using its own Rocket.
    No Place for Horners (Bronze): Kill 10 Horner Enemies before Calling more Enemies.
    All Orbs are Mine! (Bronze): Get 2500 orbs.
    Last Remnant (Bronze): Escape from Dojo.
    Catching the Rat (Bronze): Catch Onobo the Crow.
    Faithful Apprentice (Bronze): Free Master Shiro.
    No Country for Robos (Bronze): Defeat Kiamoto.
    End of the Fear (Bronze): Defeat Akuma.
    Rise of the Shadow (Bronze): Escape from Dungeon.
    Path of the Ninja (Silver): Bring order to the world.
    Super Ninja (Silver): Clear all levels in normal difficulty with S rank.
    Challenge Accepted (Bronze): Finish a Shadow Challenge.
    Path of the Shadow (Bronze): Clear all the Hardcore Levels.
    Path of the Maestro (Bronze): Clear all the Master Class Levels.
    Throne of Blood (Bronze): Kill 250 enemies.
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