Sherlock Holmes: Crimes And Punishments

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Perfectionist (Platinum): Collect all possible in-game trophies.
    Aye Aye, Captain! (Bronze): Finish Black Peter case.
    Off the Rails! (Bronze): Finish Train case.
    Blood and Ice (Bronze): Finish Blood Bath case.
    Vox populi, vox Dei (Bronze): Finish Abbey Grange case.
    A Deadly Flower (Bronze): Finish Kew Gardens case.
    Guilty Brotherhood (Bronze): Finish Half Moon case.
    Their Crimes, Your Punishments (Silver): Complete the game.
    Bruiser (Silver): Beat Cairns in a fight.
    Sharpshooter (Silver): Disarm Mexican by shooting the gun from his hand.
    Raider of the Tombs (Silver): Retrieve the Golden Knife from the ancient temple of Mithras.
    Hold your Herrings, Captain! (Silver): Save Crocker from committing suicide.
    Suicide is Not an Option! (Silver): Prevent Miss White from suicide.
    Haunted House (Silver): Catch the thieves at Notting Hill Manor.
    Child's Play! (Silver): Finish 25 mini games and puzzles without skipping.
    Elementary! (Silver): Finish 35 mini games and puzzles without skipping.
    My Grey Matters (Gold): Finish 45 mini games and puzzles without skipping.
    I Never Guess (Gold): Reach 6 correct conclusions for all 6 cases.
    A Complex Mind (Gold): Reach all possible conclusions in the game.
    A Man of Character (Gold): Receive maximum personality ranking.
    Keen Observer (Silver): Finish 15 "Character Observations" without skipping.
    A Methodical Man (Gold): Gather 26 Character Portraits.
    I Never Fail (Gold): Finish 10 Dialogue QTEs without a failure.
    An Omnivorous Reader (Silver): Receive 3 messages from those whom you condemned or absolved.
    Dog-fancier (Silver): Interact with Toby in every case.
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