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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Armor Training (Silver): Armor skill exceeded 250.
    Beginner Fighter (Bronze): Achieve 10 victories.
    Compete and Win (Silver): Win 5 confrontation victories in a row.
    Competent Official (Gold): Raise all 5 domestic skills to level 50.
    Decorated General (Silver): Get promoted to general.
    Defeat the Strong (Silver): Defeat 1500 enemies.
    Fierceness (Gold): Achieve 500 capture victories.
    Future General (Bronze): Achieve 5 victories.
    General (Silver): Achieve 100 confrontation victories.
    God of War (Gold): Defeat 2500 enemies.
    Good Fighter (Bronze): Achieve 10 confrontation victories.
    Hakuraku (Silver): All 8 lieutenants reached level 40.
    Item Training (Silver): Item skill exceeded 250.
    Lieutenant Employment (Bronze): Hire a lieutenant.
    Martial Competition (Silver): Achieve 50 victories.
    Recessed Camp (Bronze): Achieve 10 capture victories.
    Search Operation (Gold): Raise all 3 search skills to level 30.
    Smart Breakthrough (Silver): Achieve 150 capture victories.
    Training School Graduate (Bronze): Complete Musou training school.
    True Dynasty Warriors (Platinum): Won all other trophies.
    Veteran General (Gold): Get promoted to a fourth-level general.
    Weapons Training (Silver): Weapons skill exceeded 250.
    Well-Known General (Gold): Achieve 200 confrontation victories.
    Working Official (Silver): Raise all 5 domestic skills to level 10.
    Your Weapon (Silver): Use any weapon over 200 times.
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