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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Masterful (Platinum): Obtain all other trophies.
    A Tale of Tales (Gold): Complete all the single player campaigns.
    French Resistance (Gold): Complete the single player campaign as Solene.
    Mysterious Girl (Gold): Complete the single player campaign as Jessica.
    Lucky Boy (Gold): Complete the single player campaign as Kichirou.
    Around the World in Several Days (Gold): Complete the single player campaign as Phileas.
    Perfection (Gold): Win a game without losing any health.
    If You're Inclined (Gold): Do a jump of over 15m from an inclined platform.
    Top Out (Silver): Win a game by landing on the roof of a building.
    Falling with Friends (Silver): Complete a four-player multiplayer game with all human players.
    Flame On (Silver): Strike a flaming object into another character.
    Superb Man (Silver): Completely fill your super bar.
    The One Who Knocks Out (Silver): Finish a game with a weapon attack.
    The Big Leagues (Silver): Win a match for the first time.
    Ground Shatter (Silver): Hit an opponent with a ground pround attack.
    Three Point Landing (Bronze): Do a three point landing trick.
    Spang (Bronze): Strike a falling object into another character.
    Sliders (Bronze): Do a slide trick.
    What a Rush! (Bronze): Do a vertical rush trick.
    Long Jump (Bronze): Do a long jump trick.
    Winner! (Bronze): Win your first round.
    Special Jumper (Silver): Do a special move jump.
    Spicy Moves (Silver): Do a special move attack.
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