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All collectible locations

Search the indicated locations to find all 322 collectibles (50 Letters From Home, 50 Letters To Home, 50 Last Letters, 75 Misc Documents, 27 Sniper Reports, 40 Duty Rosters, and 30 Deadeye Targets). The two Co-Op Overwatch missions also contain collectibles and are required for the trophies. None of the collectibles are missable. You can collect missing items at any time using mission select. There is a collectible counter for each mission which displays how many items of each type you have found. All collectibles are saved automatically when you obtain them. Thus, you can return to the title screen without having to reach the next checkpoint, and you do not have to collect them again if you die. A lot of letters, documents, sniper reports, and all duty rosters are dropped by enemies. When looking at them through the binoculars, it will usually show if they have a collectible item. You can also see their name through the binoculars -- so compare with the name in the video to find the right person. Or simply kill everyone and loot the corpses. Some of the collectibles are not from enemies and actually hidden throughout the game. Deadeye Targets look like eagle statues and you must shoot them down.

Mission 1: San Celini Island (31 collectibles)

Mission 2: Bitanti Village (33 collectibles)

Mission 3: Regilino Viaduct (30 collectibles)

Mission 4: Lorino Dockyard (32 collectibles)

Mission 5: Abrunza Monastery (35 collectibles)

Mission 6: Magazzeno Facility (35 collectibles)

Mission 7: Giovi Fiorini Mansion (29 collectibles)

Mission 8: Allagra Fortress (35 collectibles)

Co-Op Overwatch Mission: Compound (30 collectibles)

Co-Op Overwatch Mission: Railyard (32 collectibles)

Easy "Dirty Tactics" trophy

To get the "Dirty Tactics" trophy, you must place an explosive on a dead body (anything except Stick grenades work). When an enemy comes to investigate, it will explode and you will get the trophy. Either carry the dead body and drop it where enemies can see it, or throw some stones to lure them.

Easy "Fire And Brimstone" trophy

In Mission 6: Magazzeno Facility, loot a "spotter" enemy to get a flare gun. They always have one. One spotter is found very early in the mission. Look between the first few buildings on the left side, very shortly after the mission begins. He is in front of a building. When you mark him with the binoculars, it will say that he is a spotter and carrying a flare gun. Kill him and loot the body. Then, go to the following location (without being seen). Just stick to the road and throw stones to distract enemies while getting to the location. Once you are at the location, climb the two yellow pipes on the right, at the top of the stairs, to reach an area by the large satellite dish with 5-7 enemies standing all in one spot, talking to each other. Shoot the flare gun at them and wait for the artillery to hit to get the "Fire And Brimstone" trophy. If you are detected, they may run off -- so stay stealthy. The flare gun has two modes "Targeted" and "Distributed". For this spot, "Targeted" is easier to use because the enemies are so close together and it is more precise. Create a manual save before using the flare gun -- so you can try again in case something goes wrong.

Easy "The Nutcracker - Sweet!" trophy

Shoot an enemy in the foot with the Welrod pistol (or another weak pistol/rifle). Sometimes this will make them fall down. Then, move close to them, take out the sniper rifle, and shoot between their legs to get "The Nutcracker - Sweet!" trophy. One area this can easily be done is in Mission 8: Allagra Fortress. The enemies in this mission have more health and do not die so quickly by your pistol shots, giving you more attempts to incapacitate them. You can do this with the first two enemies in the mission. After incapacitating the enemy, you may want to create a manual save game -- just in case the testicle shot goes wrong you can reload and try again.

Easy "The Path Of Most Resistance" trophy

At the very end of Mission 8: Allagra Fortress, you have to destroy a plane. Instead of shooting the engine, wait for the plane to take off and for the enemy to say "Open the missile hatch!", then shoot the missile it is carrying (under the plane). The missile will explode and destroy the plane, resulting in a cutscene and the trophy unlocking. Note: You must use a bolt-action sniper rifle. All sniper rifles except the Gewehr 43 and M1 are bolt-action. The M1903 Springfield that is unlocked from the beginning is also bolt-action.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Platinum Trophy (Platinum): Win all other trophies to take your place as the world's greatest sniper.
    Are You Insane? (Gold): Complete the entire main campaign on Authentic difficulty.
    Veteran (Gold): Reach character rank 50.
    Challenge Accepted (Silver): Complete all challenges in a single mission..
    Deadshot Demon (Silver): Complete the entire main campaign on Sniper Elite difficulty.
    Following Orders (Silver): Complete all Secondary Objectives in the Main Campaign.
    Jarhead (Silver): Reach character rank 25.
    Master-At-Arms (Silver): Fully master a rifle, secondary weapon and pistol.
    My Rifle is My Best Friend (Silver): Complete a main campaign mission with rifle kills only.
    Still Ain't Got Time to Bleed (Silver): Complete a single player mission without using a Medikit or Bandage.
    Survival of the Fittest (Silver): Complete all waves in a survival session.
    The Collector (Silver): Collect all Last Letters, Letters From Home, and Letters To Home in the main game.
    Variety is the Spice of Death (Silver): Get a kill with every weapon.
    A Bird in the Hand... (Bronze): Shoot all Stone eagles.
    A Most Singular Expert (Bronze): Master a single weapon.
    Ambush King (Bronze): Kill 100 enemies with traps.
    Channel Changer (Bronze): Take control of the enemy held radio and capture it with just seconds remaining.
    Competitive Nature (Bronze): Complete at least one match in each mode.
    Compounding Your Success (Bronze): Complete Overwatch 1.
    Demolition Fan (Bronze): Satchel Charge 25 manned vehicles/pillboxes/pantherturms.
    Dirty Tactics (Bronze): Kill an enemy via a booby trap.
    Dogface (Bronze): Reach character rank 5.
    Everything by Halves (Bronze): Complete 50% of all Secondary Objectives in the Main Campaign.
    Fire and Brimstone (Bronze): Kill 5 enemies with a single artillery strike.
    Gotta Cap 'em All (Bronze): Kill one of each infantry type.
    Greatest Hits (Bronze): Find all sniper reports.
    I See You! (Bronze): Fully Target Focus 100 times.
    Keeping your Distance (Bronze): Total kill distance of 100 Kilometres.
    Mission Possible (Bronze): Complete the entire main campaign on Cadet difficulty.
    Mother knows best (Bronze): Complete all Mother Hen secondary missions in the main game.
    Never, never, never give up (Bronze): Complete Mission 6.
    No compromise is possible (Bronze): Complete Mission 3.
    On Yer Head, Son (Bronze): Kill enemies with 3 different environmental drop kills.
    Plans are nothing; planning is everything (Bronze): Complete Mission 7.
    Rockin' the Rifle (Bronze): 500 Kills with a Rifle.
    Set Europe ablaze! (Bronze): Complete Mission 4.
    Silent But Deadly (Bronze): Kill 100 enemies with suppressed ammo.
    Sniper Interrupted (Bronze): Kill 5 Snipers before they see you.
    Success is not final (Bronze): Complete Mission 8.
    The Best of the Best of the Best (Bronze): Complete the entire main campaign on Authentic difficulty with no manual saves.
    The end of the beginning (Bronze): Complete Mission 1.
    The Masterful Marksman (Bronze): Complete the entire main campaign on Marksman difficulty.
    The Nutcracker - Sweet! (Bronze): Incapacitate an enemy, then shoot them in the testicles.
    The Organ Grinder (Bronze): Get at least one killshot on every organ.
    The Pistol Pro (Bronze): 100 Kills with a Pistol.
    The Secondary Specialist (Bronze): 250 Kills with a Secondary Weapon.
    Train, Set and Match (Bronze): Complete Overwatch 2.
    We shall fight on the beaches (Bronze): Complete Mission 2.
    We shall not fail or falter (Bronze): Complete Mission 5.
    Weaver's Warrior (Bronze): Complete all OSS Secondary Objectives in the main campaign.

Additionally, there is one secret trophy:

    The Path of Most Resistance (Bronze): Destroy the plane using a Bolt-Action Rifle.

The following trophies require the "Target Führer" bonus downloadable content:

    Total War (Silver): Complete all challenges.
    0 Days Without Incident (Bronze): Kill Hitler with any explosive item/trap.
    Albert Hall (Bronze): Kill Hitler with a testicle shot.
    Base Desires (Bronze): Complete all Optional Objectives and destroy the base.
    Deja View to a Kill (Bronze): Kill Hitler.
    Down Periscope (Bronze): Kill Hitler with the submarine.
    Final Reckoning (Bronze): Complete the Mission.
    Hot Pot (Bronze): Kill Hitler with the casserole.
    Minesweeper (Bronze): Blow up Hitler on VIP boat with a sea mine.
    Silent but Violent (Bronze): Kill Hitler and exfiltrate without being detected.
    STRIKE!! (Bronze): Kill Hitler with a torpedo rack.
    The Eagle Has Landed (Bronze): Crush Hitler with the Eagle at the ceremony.
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