Soul Axiom



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Platinum (Platinum): Collect all Soul Axiom trophies.
    Maiden Voyage (Bronze): Complete the Ship.
    Death Valley (Bronze): Complete the Desert.
    Blast From The Past (Bronze): Complete the Desert Temple.
    Field Of Dreams (Bronze): Complete the Elysian Fields.
    Soul Train (Bronze): Complete the Monorail.
    Monkeying Around (Bronze): Complete the Jungle.
    Soul Survivor (Bronze): Complete the Warzone.
    Washed Up (Bronze): Complete the Beach.
    An Evening at the Museum (Bronze): Complete the Museum.
    Flat Liners (Bronze): Complete the Hospital.
    Snow Blind (Bronze): Complete the Ice Palace.
    School's Out (Bronze): Complete the University.
    Least Haunted (Bronze): Complete the Mansion.
    In Space, No One Can Hear You... (Bronze): Complete the Space Station.
    Soul Salvation (Bronze): Complete the Church.
    Winter Is Coming (Bronze): Complete the Winter HQ.
    Home Alone (Bronze): Complete the Apartment.
    If You Go Down To The Woods Today... (Bronze): Complete the Forest.
    Zero Corruption (Bronze): Complete the Tree of Life.
    Rush Hour (Bronze): Complete the Corrupt Winter HQ with No Deaths.
    Visitation Rights (Silver): Complete the HUB.
    Killing Time (Bronze): Complete the Waiting Room.
    Power Meeting (Bronze): Complete the Office.
    Hell Hath No Fury.... (Bronze): Complete the Volcano.
    10,000 BC (Bronze): Visit the Prehistoric Era.
    David Age 6 (Bronze): Find the "kids" Owl picture in the Hospital.
    There and back again (Bronze): Go back to understand.
    Ducktective (Bronze): Find the blue duck.
    Time Flies (Bronze): Complete the Clock Puzzle without dying in the Ice Palace.
    Going Ape? (Bronze): Find the first Monkey.
    Gone Ape! (Silver): Find half the Monkeys.
    Prime Ape (Gold): Find all the Monkeys.
    Eye of the Beholder (Bronze): Find the first Eye.
    The King and Eye (Bronze): Find half the Eyes.
    Eye Flyer (Silver): Find all the Eyes.
    Crowmageddon (Bronze): Beat the Crows without dying on the Corrupt Mansion.
    Indy Developer (Bronze): Phase the Ball in the Desert Temple.
    Short Attention Span (Bronze): Complete the Puzzle on the Monorail.
    Monkey See Monkey Don't (Bronze): Destroy the Right Monkey in the Jungle.
    This Shark Still Looks Fake... (Bronze): Trigger the shark attack on the beach.
    Raiders of the Lost Shark (Bronze): Trigger the shark attack on the Museum.

Additionally, there are ten secret trophies:

    Hell's Angel (Silver): Defeat the Volcano Angel without any Deaths.
    Resurrection (Silver): Complete Solomon's Ending.
    Acceptance (Silver): Complete Dana's Ending.
    Vengeance (Silver): Complete Doctor's Ending.
    Ouroboros (Gold): Complete all three endings.
    Out Of Phase (Bronze): Find the Phase Power.
    Play Time (Bronze): Find the Play Power.
    Seek and Destroy (Bronze): Find the Destroy Power.
    Touching Evil (Bronze): Find the Corrupt Power.
    Master Reboot (Bronze): Find Seren in the Tree of Life.
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