Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Bum's Rush (Bronze): Punch someone's head off! (Don't worry, they get it back).
    Go Chase Yourself! (Bronze): First Sudden Death showdown.
    Head Dispenser (Bronze): Pop 100 heads off.
    The Real Head Dispenser (Silver): Pop 1,000 heads off (Trash talking is mandatory).
    Sockdollager (Bronze): Tie five times straight with Face Off deactivated.
    Knows Your Onions (Bronze): Block succesfully 100 times.
    Now You're On The Trolley! (Bronze): Play every game mode (Make sure and stay hydrated).
    Oliver Twist (Bronze): Get five consecutive kills in King of the Hill.
    Got those Cheaters! (Bronze): Get 100 Face Off sequences correct.
    Phonus Balonus! (Bronze): Pile up 250 props and hats on the ground.
    The Ultimate Fist Bump (Bronze): The Ultimate Fist Bump. Possibly the greatest trophy ever. This is one you will have to figure out on your own...
    Don't Take Wooden Nickles (Bronze): Fake 100 times.
    Play it like Louie (Bronze): Swap 100 times.
    Persistence Pays Off Ol' Chap (Silver): Rack up 10 hours of playtime in Speakeasy (Bathroom breaks recommended).
    Now You're Driving the Trolley (Silver): Win 25 matches with every character.
    Big Six (Silver): Both players successfully complete 6 straight Face Off sequences.
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