Square Heroes



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Trophy Hunter (Platinum): Earn all other trophies.
    Ammo Drop (Silver): Replenish 150% Team ammo.
    Archer (Silver): Kill with Crossbow and Harpoon.
    Arsonist (Silver): Kill with Fire! (Flamethrower and Molotov).
    Bombardier (Gold): Win DM using only Explosives (3+ players).
    Carry Team (Silver): Win team game 4+ players with 75% or more of team score.
    Mega Kill (Gold): Score Mega Kill.
    Die Hard (Gold): Play entire round without dying (3+ players).
    Dominating (Silver): Score three Kill Streaks in a match.
    Double Kill (Bronze): Score Double Kill.
    First Kill (Bronze): Score First Kill.
    Gladiator (Silver): Complete 100 games.
    Gnome Hunter (Bronze): Capture 15 Gnomes.
    Gnome Stealer (Silver): Capture Gnome opponent almost captured.
    Good Samaritan (Bronze): Hosted an Internet game with remote players.
    Hi-Tech (Silver): Kill with Laser and Machine in round.
    Host Hero (Silver): Hosted 20 Internet games with remote players.
    Kamikaze (Bronze): Kill opponent with Nuke Bag.
    King Slayer (Gold): Complete single player.
    Medic (Gold): Re-gen 200% Team health.
    Devastation (Silver): Score Devastation.
    Multi Kill (Silver): Score Multi Kill.
    Perfect (Bronze): Win without anyone else scoring (3+ players).
    Rampage (Silver): Score two Kill Streaks in a match.
    Rasputin (Bronze): Re-gen your health twice over.
    Rookie (Bronze): Complete Tutorial.
    Sapper (Bronze): Kill with Proximity Mine.
    Sparkling (Bronze): Score a Kill Streak.
    Survivor (Bronze): Survive Survival!
    Winning (Bronze): Win 5 games in a row.
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