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Viewing all endings easily

To view the different endings, simply reload your last save point at the end of the game. Use Love Potion No. 256 and emotional destabilizers to make sure a specific character likes you better than anyone else in the party, then complete the final battle again.

Easy "Alchemical Artisan" trophy

Synthesize a Levantine. This requires a 50 quality metal synthesis with a Moonstone as an ingredient.

Easy "Apothecary Extraordinaire" trophy

Synthesize a Numinous Tincture. This requires a 50 quality medicine with a Wondrous Tincture as an ingredient.

Easy "Compendium Completionist" trophy

Weapon shops change their stock over time. It is possible that common weapons could be missable if you do not purchase them when they are available. Always purchase one of everything whether you need it or not.

Easy "Culinary Virtuoso" trophy

Synthesize a Gourmet Curry Rice. This requires a 50 quality food synthesis with no special ingredients.

Easy "Hail To The Chief" trophy

You can miss the missable roles and still have enough to get this trophy.

Easy "He Who Runs Away Lives To Fight Another Day" trophy

Simply run to the edge of a battle and stay there while the escape meter fills.

Easy "Learn From Your Mistakes" trophy

Synthesise any 50 impurity item. There is no required type or ingredients.

Easy "Master Machinist" trophy

Synthesize a Dragon's Bellow. This requires a 50 quality Machine synthesis with a Moonstone as an ingredient.

Easy "My Reaction When" trophy

Use the slip emote when you are badmouthing General Alma.

Easy "Nature's Blessing" trophy

Synthesize Immolating Fangs. This requires a 50 quality natural synthesis with a Moonstone as an ingredient.

Easy "Right Back Atchya" trophy

Press Square immediately after guarding.

Easy "Seeker Of Sorcerous" trophy

Synthesize Aether-in-Stasis. This requires a 50 quality Signeturgy synthesis with a Moonstone as an ingredient.

Easy "Successor To The Vineyard Throne" trophy

You must make every item. You must complete the game and all the post game content to have the materials to do this.

Easy "Survivor Of Chaos" and "Universally Renowned" trophies

Completing the game on the Chaos difficulty will not unlock the "Universally Renowned" trophy. You must complete the game three times, on all three difficulties, to get all the trophies.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Warden of the Stars (Platinum): Obtain all trophies.
    The Hero Sthal Needs (Bronze): Eradicate Eitalon.
    Pavine Pummeler (Bronze): Defeat Pavine in the Eihied Mountains.
    Der-Suul Deposer (Bronze): Defeat Der-Suul in the Slaughtery.
    Thoras Thrasher (Bronze): Defeat Thoras in the parallel dimension.
    Alma Annihilator (Bronze): Defeat General Alma in the throne room.
    Archnemesis of the Heavens (Silver): Defeat Gabriel Celeste in the Maze of Tribulations.
    Slayer of Divine Beings (Gold): Defeat Ethereal Queen in the Maze of Tribulation.
    Relia Finds Happiness (Silver): View Relia's ending.
    Together Forever (Silver): View Miki's ending.
    His Will Lives On (Silver): View Victor's ending.
    Straightened Priorities (Silver): View Fiore's ending.
    Traverse the Stars (Silver): View Emmerson's ending.
    All Alone with Anne (Silver): View Anne's ending.
    The Legend Begins (Bronze): Start a second playthrough.
    Universally Renowned (Silver): Beat the game on Universe difficulty.
    Survivor of Chaos (Gold): Beat the game on Chaos difficulty.
    Right Back Atchya (Bronze): Make a riposte.
    He Who Runs Away Lives to Fight Another Day (Bronze): Flee from battle.
    My Reaction When (Bronze): Use and emote during a cutscene.
    Please be Gentle (Bronze): Create an item.
    Successor to the Vineyard Throne (Silver): Unlock all item creation recipes.
    Apothecary Extraordinaire (Bronze): Create the most valuable medicinal item.
    Culinary Virtuoso (Bronze): Create the most valuable edible item.
    Alchemical Artisan (Bronze): Create the most valuable metal.
    Nature's Blessing (Bronze): Create the most valuable naturally-occurring item.
    Seeker of Sorcerous Knowledge (Bronze): Create the most valuable sorcerous item.
    Master Machinist (Bronze): Create the most valuable mechanical item.
    Learn from your Mistakes (Silver): Create an item that you shouldn't.
    Full Arsenal (Bronze): Obtain all battle skills and signeturgical spells.
    Hail to the Chief (Silver): Obtain the vast majority of the roles.
    Stalwart Veteran (Bronze): Obtain half of the battle trophies.
    Consummate Combatant (Silver): Obtain all battle trophies.
    Biology Buff (Bronze): Encounter half of all enemies.
    Boss of the Bestiary (Silver): Encounter every enemy.
    Item Identifier (Bronze): Catalogue half of all items.
    Compendium Completionist (Silver): Catalogue every item.
    Helping Hand (Bronze): Complete Half of All Quests.
    Quid Pro Quest (Silver): Complete All Quests.
    Supernal Aspirations (Silver): Ascend to level 255.
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