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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Across The Universe Divide (Platinum): Collect every trophy in SteamWorld Heist.
    Tutorial Grind (Bronze): Complete the tutorial.
    Easy Like Sunday Morning (Bronze): Complete the game in Casual mode.
    Ordinary World (Bronze): Complete the game in Regular mode.
    Are You Experienced? (Silver): Complete the game in Experienced mode.
    Shut Out The Light (Silver): Complete the game in Veteran mode.
    You're The Best Around (Gold): Complete the game in Elite mode.
    Fields Of Gold (Gold): Complete the game with an all Gold SteamWorld Ranking on any difficulty.
    Higher Than The Sun (Silver): Complete the game with an all Gold SteamWorld Ranking on Elite.
    Full House (Bronze): Recruit all available crew mates. (DLC not included)
    It's over 9...! (Bronze): Reach level 10 with one character. (DLC not included)
    Madly Maxed (Bronze): Reach level 10 with all characters. (DLC not included)
    Mr Pierce Pierce Bang Bang (Silver): Damage 5 enemies on the same shot with Valentine's Piercing Shot ability.
    Oh Captain! My Captain! (Bronze): Use Area Heal on crew mates other than Piper 10 times.
    Brass Effect (Bronze): Use Payback and Double Shot to kill the foe who triggered Payback.
    Just Like Back At The Farm (Silver): During one turn, use Sally's Mad Dog ability to kill 5 enemies.
    Backscratcher (Bronze): Use the Flanker ability to kill 50 enemies.
    No Guts, No Glory (Silver): Get saved by the Guts ability 3 times during one mission.
    Nosferatu (Silver): Use the Vampire ability to restore 10 health during one mission.
    Bullet Bouncer (Bronze): Kill 20 enemies by bouncing bullets, one count per attack.
    Mayhem (Silver): Deal at least 40 damage to enemies with one attack.
    Stunning (Bronze): Stun 25 enemies.
    Hat-off, Hat-on (Bronze): Pick up a hat after yours has been shot off.
    Headgear-hunter (Bronze): Shoot off and pick up a rare hat.
    Well Hatted (Bronze): Collect 15 hats.
    Mad as a Hatter (Bronze): Collect 30 hats.
    Hats, hats, hats! (Silver): Collect 60 hats.
    Hat-Trick (Silver): Shoot off 3 hats with one attack.
    The Outsider (Bronze): Recruit Fen.
    Thunderstruck (Bronze): Use Fen's Lightning Coil ability to kill 4 enemies with one shot.
    Fashionista (Silver): Collect all hats from "The Outsider" DLC.
    Gosh, it's full of stars! (Bronze): Get max reputation on all missions in "The Outsider" DLC.

Additionally, there are 15 secret trophies:

    Drop the Chop (Bronze): Defeat the Scrapper Boss.
    Down with the Queen (Bronze): Defeat the Royalist Boss.
    Savior of the Universe (Bronze): Defeat the Vectron Boss.
    Top of the Heap (Silver): Get 45 reputation in The Outskirts.
    Crème de la Crème (Silver): Get 38 reputation in The Core.
    Deep Space Superstar (Silver): Get 40 reputation in Deep Space.
    They shunned Kenny (Bronze): Hat combo - Friendly faces everywhere.
    Indie Love (Bronze): Hat combo - Friends support friends
    Kawaii (Bronze): Hat combo - That's a really cute collection!
    Big in Japan (Bronze): Hat combo - An influential and creative culture.
    Cog save the Queen (Bronze): Hat combo - A royal hat selection indeed.
    Animal Planet (Bronze): Hat combo - Wildlife supporter.
    In a military style (Bronze): Hat combo - We want YOU.
    (Space) Unicorn (Bronze): Start a mission with Unicorn Slayer and Unicorn mask equipped.
    Well worth it (Bronze): Defeat Jester.
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