Easy "Chronicles" trophy

There are a total of 60 secrets that can be found at the following locations. When you climb a building that has a supply drop, the map will show some secrets, while others must be found. One secret that is particularly difficult to locate is found on top of the clock tower where you left your little brother.

Easy "Sightseer" trophy

There are eight landmarks, marked as small drawings on the map, at the indicated locations.

Easy "Tinkerer" trophy

There are 26 boat boosts, found at the indicated locations.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Free Climber (Bronze): Climb to the highest point in the map.
    Sightseer (Bronze): Visit all landmarks.
    Concierge (Bronze): Visit all of the hotels.
    Chronicles (Silver): Gather all secrets.
    Tinkerer (Silver): Gather all boat boosts.
    Naturalist (Bronze): See all creatures.
    Circumnavigation (Silver): Visit the n/e/s/w boundaries of the world.
    Mariner (Silver): Stay in the boat for a complete day/night cycle.
    End (Gold): Finish the campaign.
    Wish You Were Here (Bronze): Use the postcard feature.
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