Summon Night 6: Lost Borders



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Memories Engraved on the Soul (Platinum): Acquired all trophies.
    First Victory! (Bronze): Won the first battle.
    Veteran (Silver): Cleared all events and battle at S rank.
    Brave Warriors (Bronze): Achieved a Brave Order for the first time.
    Brave to the End (Gold): Achieved all Brave Orders.
    Force Resonance (Bronze): Used Summon Burst for the first time.
    Otherworldly Beasts (Silver): Generated all types of Summon Bursts.
    Endless Chain (Bronze): Generated Chain Attacks 30 times.
    Full Assist (Bronze): Generated a Summon Assist using 8 people.
    Slayer (Bronze): Defeated 100 enemies.
    Destroyer (Silver): Defeated 400 enemies.
    Infinite Seeker (Silver): Cleared the lowest level of the Endless Domain.
    User of the Phantom Thread (Bronze): Used Llarge, Amu or Yst's special skills a total of 30 times.
    Skill Department Store (Silver): Acquired all of a character's skills.
    Sharp Sword (Bronze): Upgraded a weapon to the maximum.
    Well-Honed Magic (Bronze): Upgraded a Summon Beast to the maximum.

Additionally, there are 36 secret trophies:

    The Hero that Fell from Heaven (Bronze): Completed [The Hero that Fell from Heaven].
    The Pirate, the Angel and the Lost (Bronze): Completed [The Pirate, the Angel and the Lost].
    The Adamant Sword (Bronze): Completed [The Adamant Sword].
    The Demon Lord Invades! (Bronze): Completed [The Demon Lord Invades!].
    A Man Imprisoned by Obsession (Bronze): Completed [A Man Imprisoned by Obsession].
    The Troublesome Girl (Bronze): Completed [The Troublesome Girl].
    Farewell Peace (Bronze): Completed [Farewell Peace].
    Deranged Demon Machines (Bronze): Completed [Deranged Demon Machines].
    Thou Shalt Not Speak (Bronze): Completed [Thou Shalt Not Speak].
    The Misfortune Sword and the Demon Sword (Bronze): Completed [The Misfortune Sword and the Demon Sword].
    An Encounter of Past and Future (Bronze): Completed [An Encounter of Past and Future].
    The Patchwork World (Bronze): Completed [The Patchwork World].
    An Administrator's Choice (Bronze): Completed [An Administrator's Choice].
    At Your Side, Yet Unaware (Bronze): Completed [At Your Side, Yet Unaware].
    Thanatos's Silhouette (Bronze): Completed [Thanatos's Silhouette].
    A Dispute Between Kings (Bronze): Completed [A Dispute Between Kings].
    A Light in the Darkness (Bronze): Completed [A Light in the Darkness].
    A Price Named Shackles (Bronze): Completed [A Price Named Shackles].
    Bring Back that Day! (Bronze): Completed [Bring Back that Day!].
    From a Cage of Despair (Bronze): Completed [From a Cage of Despair].
    The Ridiculous Truth (Bronze): Completed [The Ridiculous Truth].
    At the Equinox of Intellect and Cruelty (Bronze): Completed [At the Equinox of Intellect and Cruelty].
    End of Infancy (Bronze): Completed [End of Infancy].
    The Chosen Future (Bronze): Completed [The Chosen Future].
    The End of Illusion, also the Beginning (Silver): Completed [The End of Illusion, also the Beginning].
    Demon of the Mountain Pass (Bronze): Completed [Demon of the Mountain Pass].
    The Violent Man and the Runaway Daughter (Bronze): Completed [The Violent Man and the Runaway Daughter].
    Yst's Anguish (Bronze): Welcomed Karma End.
    Summon Night History (Gold): Acquired all Summon Night leafs.
    Brethren of the Other World (Silver): Acquired all Summon Beasts.
    Master Chef (Bronze): Created all possible dishes.
    Tell Me Everything (Bronze): Completed all of a character's Night Conversations.
    Night Talker (Silver): Completed all Night Conversations.
    Cove King Fisher (Bronze): Fished the Cove King.
    Angler of the Cocoon World (Silver): Completed all Fishing Orders.
    Arbitration Officer of the Cocoon World (Bronze): Completed all Town Quests at the Otherworld Mediation Bureau.
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