Super Dungeon Bros.



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    SDB Platinum Trophy (Platinum): Collect all other SDB trophies
    Artisan (Gold): Play the game with every weapon
    Bone to pick (Gold): Kill 10,000 bonies.
    Buzzkill (Gold): Kill 5,000 wasps.
    Certified Bro! (Gold): Complete a dungeon without dying.
    Hopping Mad (Gold): Kill 7,500 bunnies.
    Unemployed (Gold): Complete all missions.
    Apocalypse (Silver): Stay alive at maximum threat level for 30 sec.
    Certified Wizard (Silver): Play the game with every wand
    Hammer Time (Silver): Play the game with every hammer
    I Ain't Afraid Of No Ghost (Silver): Defeat Duke Spookem
    Mercenary (Silver): Complete 10 missions.
    Pew Pew (Silver): Play the game with every crossbow
    Someone Will Have To Change (Silver): Complete a dungeon with everyone having the same type of weapon.
    Swordsman (Silver): Play the game with every sword
    Tonight We Eat Like Kings! (Silver): Defeat the Cult Overlord.
    Trifecta (Silver): Complete three missions in one world
    We All Scream! (Silver): Defeat the Ice Queen
    Well Rounded (Silver): Complete a dungeon with each kind of weapon.
    Apprentice (Bronze): Reach Duke Spookem for the first time with any weapon
    Best Friends (Bronze): Kill an enemy with another bro.
    Broest of Bro (Bronze): Earn the top score in a 4 player game
    Ceramic Assassin (Bronze): Kill five enemies with a pot
    Last Man Standing (Bronze): Be the only Bro alive when everyone died.
    Looking Good (Bronze): Play the game wearing any helmet
    That's Cute (Bronze): Complete your first mission in the game
    Time Management (Bronze): Beat a level before you reach threat level 3.
    Troll (Bronze): Throw all bros over a ledge in one game.
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