Sword Coast Legends

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Collect all other Sword Coast Legends trophies. (Platinum): Collect them all.
    Long Road Ahead (Bronze): Complete the Prologue.
    The Fires That Burn (Bronze): Complete Act I.
    Descent Into Darkness (Silver): Complete Act II.
    A New Dawn (Silver): Complete Act III.
    Tarnished Knight (Bronze): Decide the fate of a murderous knight.
    Enemy of my Enemy (Bronze): Determine the destiny of one of your greatest enemies.
    Tears of the Moon (Bronze): Choose the fate of a relic of Sehanine Moonbow.
    Rouse the Troops (Silver): Recruit all possible companions.
    For the Good of the Team (Gold): Complete all companion quests.
    Family Matters (Bronze): Complete Jarhild Stoneforge's companion quest.
    Childish Things (Bronze): Complete Illydia Maethellyn's companion quest.
    For Old Time's Sake (Bronze): Complete Larethar Gulgrin's companion quest.
    A Burning Lich (Bronze): Complete Hommet Shaw's companion quest.
    The Infernal Stone (Bronze): Complete Bryn Lightfingers' companion quest.
    Twisted Sister (Bronze): Complete the companion quest for an information broker from Luskan.
    No One Crosses Golgamann (Bronze): Complete the companion quest of Izhkin, Lord of the Dark.
    The Lesser of Two Evils (Bronze): Solve a problem for Javen Tarmikos.
    Cleric! (Bronze): Stabilize an unconscious ally.
    Heavy Drinker (Bronze): Drink ten healing potions.
    I Search the Room (Bronze): Find a secret door.
    Cautious (Bronze): Disable ten traps.
    Locksmith (Bronze): Pick ten locks.
    Top of the Class (Bronze): Reach the level cap in one class.
    Jack of All Trades (Gold): Reach the level cap in all classes.
    Treasure hunter (Bronze): Collect ten thousand gold.
    Destroyer (Bronze): Kill ten enemies in the most violent manner possible.
    Bringer of Death (Silver): Defeat five thousand enemies.
    Summoner (Bronze): Summon one thousand creatures as a Dungeon Master.
    Dominator (Bronze): Possess five hundred creatures as a Dungeon Master.
    Learning to Crawl (Bronze): Complete one Dungeon Crawl.
    Dungeon Delver (Bronze): Complete ten Dungeon Crawls.
    Veteran Dungeoneer (Silver): Complete fifty Dungeon Crawls.
    Behind the Screen (Bronze): Complete one Dungeon Crawl as a Dungeon Master.
    Master of Dungeons (Silver): Complete twenty five Dungeon Crawls as a Dungeon Master.
    Truly Outrageous (Gold): Complete Story Mode on Hard difficulty.
    Dedicated (Gold): Complete Story Mode with a hero of every race and class.
    Limit Break (Silver): Get three different stats above 20 on your hero at the same time.
    I Got Your Back (Silver): Complete the Campaign in Co-Op.
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