Tetris Ultimate

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Ultimate Explorer (Bronze): Earn the Newbie, Sprinter, and Head to Head badges to get your first Trophy.
    Anniversary (Bronze): Celebrate the Tetris 30th Anniversary by earning 30 Lines!, 30 Tetris! and Friendly 30! Badges.
    High Score! (Bronze): Work on your high scores by earning the Top Dog, Tetris Self Motivation, and Retribution badges.
    Challenge Accepted! (Bronze): Up for a challenge? Earn the First Mission, Relay Race, and Obedient badges.
    Ultimate Battler (Bronze): Earn the You're the Weiner, Absolute Power, and Line Delivery badges - become the Ultimate Battler.
    Team Player (Bronze): Play games in Team Vs. to earn the Hanger On, Tag Team Champions, and Back 2 Back badges.
    The Cooperative (Silver): Stop the battling. Sing Kumbaya and earn the Group Think, Party Animal, and Power Couple badges.
    Mode Master (Silver): Play all the Tetris modes to earn the The Spice of Life, Socialite, and Asimov's Law badges.
    Dedicated (Silver): Earn the Longevity, Crushed it!, and Mt Olympus badges, but then go play outside.
    Hardcore (Bronze): Be your best Tetris Self. Earn the Strategist, Generous, Underdog badges.
    Speed Demon (Silver): Be speedy! Earn the TPM, 60 Second Sprint, and LPM badges.
    Tetris Master (Gold): For Tetris Masters only. Earn the Show-off, T-Spinner, and Simply the Best badges.
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