Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Ethical Threshold (Gold): Reach Mars without cannibalizing.
    Work Ethic (Bronze): Perform 2800 repairs.
    Safe Passage (Silver): Reach Mars with 3 or more crew alive.
    All Present And Accounted For (Silver): Get all crew classes to Mars.
    Contact Light (Bronze): Make it to Mars.
    I'm Going To Science The Snot Out Of This (Bronze): Earn 300 Research.
    To Serve Mankind (Bronze): Eat 120 human meals.
    I'm Hit, But Not Bad (Bronze): Survive a turn with 9 or more incoming damage
    Locally Grown (Bronze): Harvest 20 food.
    Risk Management Professional (Bronze): Take no hull damage for 4 turns.
    Solitary Confinement (Bronze): Survive 3 turns with only one crew member.
    10.75 AU (Silver): Travel 1 billion miles.
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