Titan Attacks!

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    EARTH (Bronze): Completed the Earth Levels.
    MOON (Bronze): Completed the Moon levels.
    MARS (Bronze): Completed the Mars levels.
    50 SAUCERS (Bronze): Destroyed 50 saucers.
    MULTIPLIER (Bronze): Got the x9 multiplier.
    SATURN (Bronze): Completed the Saturn levels.
    ULTIMATE SHIP (Bronze): Everything maxed out.
    MARKSMAN (Bronze): Got 50 skill shots.
    AREA 51 (Bronze): Captured 50 live aliens.
    SHARP SHOOTER (Silver): Got 100 skill shots.
    ALIEN AUTOPSY (Silver): Captured 100 live aliens.
    100 SAUCERS (Silver): Destroyed 100 saucers.
    TITAN (Gold): Completed the Titan levels.
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