Titan Souls

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Hard mode

Successfully complete the game to unlock the Hard difficulty.

Ironman mode

Successfully complete the game to unlock Ironman mode.

No Dodge/Run mode

Successfully complete the game to unlock No Dodge/Run mode.

Truth mode

Defeat all the Bosses, complete the game, then defeat the secret final Boss to unlock Truth mode.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Ascension (Platinum): Collect all trophies.
    Out of the Frying Pan... (Bronze): Open the first sealed gate.
    ...Into the Fire (Bronze): Open the second sealed gate.
    First Blood (Bronze): Slay a Titan.
    Laser Eye Surgery (Bronze): Kill the eye cube while pulling back the arrow.
    Drug Trial (Bronze): Succumb to the effect of spores for 30 seconds total.
    Demo Man (Bronze): Kill the knight after destroying all pillars.
    COME AT ME BRO (Bronze): Kill the rolling Titan in under 5 seconds.
    Leak Spin (Bronze): Kill the skull Titan as it spins.
    Beating the Yeti (Bronze): Finish in under 10 seconds....
    Titanic (Bronze): Destroy all icebergs.
    A Collision of Souls (Bronze): Knock yourself out in the battle for the Titan Soul.
    Shadow of the Giant (Bronze): Kill the broken statue Titan while pulling back the arrow.
    Slimeball (Silver): Kill the sludge Titan with no more possible divisions.
    Short Back and Sides (Silver): Cut all the vines off the plant Titan.
    Dental Plan (Silver): Remove all teeth from the mountain Titan then kill it.
    The Switch (Silver): Trigger the Guardian's switches with the opposite hands and kill it.
    Bomber Titan (Silver): Drop a bomb on the lava blob Titan's head.
    Titan Soul (Silver): Beat the game.
    Ca$h Mon£y (Silver): Produce 50 coins in the chest fight.
    Brain Freeze (Silver): Kill the brain with a flaming arrow.
    Iron Titan (Gold): Beat the game in Iron Mode with Hard Mode active.
    New Game+ (Gold): Beat the game in Hard Mode.
    Aerodynamics (Gold): Beat the game in under 20 minutes.
    Iron Human (Gold): Beat the game in Iron Mode.
    Hard Bizkit (Gold): Beat the game without rolling rolling rolling (in No Roll mode).
    Iron God (Gold): Slay all Titans in Iron Mode.

Additionally, there is one secret trophy:

    TRUTH (Gold): See the Truth.
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