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Electro Bolter

Successfully complete Campaign mode to unlock the Electro Bolter.

Glass Gas Cannon

Successfully complete Campaign mode to unlock the Glass Gas Cannon.

Collectible locations

Search the indicated locations to find all audio logs and blueprints that are hidden throughout the game:

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Vector Sigma Victory (Platinum): Unlock All Trophies.
    The Exodus (Bronze): Complete Chapter I.
    Defend the Ark (Bronze): Complete Chapter II.
    Metroplex Heeds the Call (Bronze): Complete Chapter III.
    Eye of the Storm (Bronze): Complete Chapter IV.
    Cut and Run (Bronze): Complete Chapter V.
    Death from Above (Bronze): Complete Chapter VI.
    Belly of the Beast (Bronze): Complete Chapter VII.
    Combaticons Combine! (Bronze): Complete Chapter VIII.
    Megatron Returns (Bronze): Complete Chapter IX.
    The Final Countdown (Bronze): Complete Chapter X.
    Starscream's Betrayal (Bronze): Complete Chapter XI.
    Grimlock Smash (Bronze): Complete Chapter XII.
    The Battle is Far From Over! (Bronze): Complete Campaign - Easy.
    More Than Meets the Eye (Silver): Complete Campaign - Normal.
    All Hail You! (Gold): Complete Campaign - Hard.
    The Last Stand (Bronze): Chapter II: Save two Autobots when Optimus is downed by the first Leaper.
    Carnage in C-Major (Bronze): Chapter III: Take out a cluster of five Decepticons using Metroplex's Air Strike.
    Invisibility Spray (Bronze): Chapter IV: Sneak through the Trash Compactor Facility undetected.
    Target Master 2.0 (Bronze): Chapter V: Shoot a Sniper out of the air with a scoped weapon.
    Car Wash of Doom (Bronze): Chapter VI: Destroy all of the homing mines chasing Blast Off before they self destruct.
    Club Con! (Bronze): Chapter VII: Ram a jet (on the ground or in the air).
    Fusilateral Quintrocombiner (Bronze): Chapter VIII: Melee an enemy through the goal post.
    I, Robot Master (Bronze): Chapter IX: Destroy all images of Starscream and his Statues.
    The Harder They Die (Bronze): Chapter X: Kill five Autobots with a single hover slam attack.
    Internal Affairs! (Bronze): Chapter XI: Hack all of the security terminals before the Decepticons can activate them.
    Slap the Grimlock (Bronze): Chapter XII: Kill a Leaper in the air with an explosive barrel.
    Monacus Spender (Bronze): Spend 250,000 Energon in the Teletraan 1 store.
    Reconstructor (Bronze): Fully upgrade one weapon.
    Master Builder (Silver): Fully upgrade all weapons.
    Teletraan 1 Regular (Bronze): Rate all weapons, weapon upgrades, and equipment.
    Chop Shop (Silver): Purchase all weapons and perks.
    Beachcomber (Bronze): Collect all blueprints.
    Cassetticon Audiophile (Silver): Collect all audio logs.
    Octopunch Scavenger (Bronze): Open fifteen Armory Recreators in Campaign or Escalation.
    Reconfiguration Matrix (Bronze): Create a custom character in Multiplayer.
    Headmaster! (Bronze): Reach max level in a single class.
    King of the Scrap Heap (Gold): Reach max level in all four classes.
    What Prime Directives? (Silver): Unlock Prime Mode.
    Full Throttle Scramble Power! (Bronze): Earn MVP in any game mode during a public Multiplayer match.
    Ultimate Menasor (Bronze): Capture three flags in a single CTF game during a public Multiplayer match.
    Moonbase One (Bronze): Personally capture all 3 nodes in a conquest game during a public Multiplayer match.
    Ballistic Energon Goodie (Bronze): Return five heads at once in a headhunter game during a public Multiplayer match.
    Heavy Metal War (Bronze): Kill 6 different opposing players in a TDM game during a public Multiplayer match.
    Robotopossum (Bronze): Complete wave 15 in Escalation (Ignition).
    Maccadams Old Oil House (Bronze): Complete wave 15 in Escalation (DownFall).
    Space Pirates! (Bronze): Complete wave 15 in Escalation (Oblivion).
    Rust Marks (Bronze): Complete wave 15 in Escalation (Ancients).
    Ultra Power Master (Silver): Spend 100,000 credits in Escalation.

Additionally, there are two secret trophies:

    Till All Are One - (Megatron) (Bronze): Complete Chapter XIII as Megatron.
    Till All Are One - (Optimus) (Bronze): Complete Chapter XIII as Optimus Prime.
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