Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Welcome Program (Bronze): Change a character skin.
    Battle For The ISOs (Bronze): Earn 2 Stars in a Disc level.
    Your Move, Flynn (Bronze): Earn 3 Stars in a Cycle level.
    Jet Grind TV Style (Bronze): Reach a combo of 250 in any level.
    Best Companion Marv (Bronze): Keep a Companion through an entire level.
    User Generated Uprising (Bronze): Complete any Disc level without collecting over 90 Bits.
    Dead Pixel (Bronze): Do not destroy any barricades on a Disc level.
    Vector Tempest (Bronze): Destroy 1,000 barricades in any level.
    TRON 3? (Bronze): Combo an entire Disc level from beginning to end.
    Ridin' Digital (Bronze): Combo an entire Cycle level from beginning to end.
    Byte Blaster (Bronze): Destroy 20 barricades at once.
    ENCOM Hacker (Bronze): Complete a Disc or Cycle level with a score under 20,000 points.
    Scuzzy Data Miner (Bronze): Earn 30 total Stars.
    MCP (Silver): Earn 50 total Stars.
    Truly Space Paranoid (Gold): Earn 96 total Stars.
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