Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Tumblecrowned (Platinum): Earn every Tumblestone trophy.
    Big Cheese (Gold): Reach rank 25.
    Crossing the Rubicon (Gold): Complete World 1.
    Overachiever (Gold): Complete 25 quests.
    Thank You for a Very Enjoyable Game (Gold): Complete the Story Mode.
    Adrenaline Rush (Silver): Get a score of 333 in Heartbeat.
    Deep One (Silver): Get a score of 500 in Infinipuzzle.
    Deep Six (Silver): Get a score of 333 in Infinipuzzle using a modifier.
    Don't get Snooty (Silver): Complete World 4.
    Dreamcatcher (Silver): Win a Battle match against 3 Nightmare bots.
    Fugue (Silver): Win a Tug of War match against 3 Nightmare bots.
    Get Rect (Silver): Win an online Battle match.
    Go Deep (Silver): Complete World 10.
    Heartbreaker (Silver): Empty the board in Heartbeat.
    Mrrmmmppphhh!!! (Silver): Complete World 6.
    My Darkest Hour (Silver): Complete World 3.
    Off to the Races (Silver): Win an online Puzzle Race match.
    Off With His Head! (Silver): Complete World 9.
    One Apology and Explanation Later (Silver): Complete World 5.
    One Groovy Explanation Later (Silver): Complete World 11.
    Remember the Athenians (Silver): Get a score of 1,234 in Marathon.
    Sausage Not Good Frozen! (Silver): Complete World 7.
    Stupid Lake (Silver): Complete World 2.
    Super Genius (Silver): Win a Puzzle Race match using a modifier.
    Toastmaster (Silver): Empty the board in Marathon.
    Unstoppable (Silver): Win an online Tug of War match.
    Welcome to Castle Terror. No Pets Allowed (Silver): Complete World 8.
    A Step in the Right Direction (Bronze): Solve Puzzle 2-8 using 44 moves.
    Orion's Belt (Bronze): Solve a 3-star Practice Puzzle.
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