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Easy "Supervisory Position" trophy

Start a new game, and complete the first level. Purchase a smartbomb. During Level 2, wait for all the enemies to spawn while dodging them. Then, use the smartbomb to get the "Supervisory Position" trophy.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Ieiunitas (Bronze): Defeated Ieiunitas.
    Healthy Diet (Bronze): Consumed 10 consecutive fruits.
    Bellum (Bronze): Defeated Bellum.
    Challenge Perfect (Bronze): Got 100% on a challenge stage.
    The Artful Dodger (Bronze): Got 100% on a dodge stage.
    Lues (Bronze): Defeated Lues.
    Double Dose (Silver): Defeated two bosses.
    Unexpected Item In Bagging Area (Bronze): Quantum-shifted through a boss.
    Max Pet Upgrades (Silver): Pets can level up, and have maxed Scan Range, Rocket, Laser and Shooty Pet upgrades.
    Crufts (Silver): Didn't let any pets take damage for 10 levels.
    Supervisory Position (Silver): Beat a level without firing a single shot.
    Letum (Gold): Defeated Letum.
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