Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

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Bonus menu options

Successfully complete the game on any difficulty to unlock multiple categories of options at the "Bonus" menu that can be purchased with the points earned during the game. The points are earned by collecting treasures and journal entries as well as completing optional conversations. The available categories are: "Character Gallery", "Character Skins", "Concept Art", "Equipable Weapons" (including the Barok .44 revolver, which almost always kills with one-hit), "Gameplay Modifiers" (including infinite ammo and slow motion), and "Render Modes". Note: Using weapon and gameplay modifier/cheat options do not disable earning any trophies.

All strange item locations

Search the indicted locations to find all three strange items and get the "Relic Finder" trophy:

    Strange Pendant: In Chapter 9, after solving the puzzle with the water bucket and three crucifixes, you must jump down the cliff on the right side. At this point, you can attach your rope and swing to a platform with a skeleton on it that has the pendant.

    Strange Relic: In Chapter 12, after following the arrows with your boat and shortly after Sam and you get split up (because of a rope bridge breaking apart), you will reach an old tower on top of the island. You must use your rope and slide down some mud. Then, go left. There is a small hill you can climb. From the hill, you must make a far jump into the abyss and attach your rope at the last second. The rope is really far away and hard to see. It will let you swing to a platform with a big bowl on it. The strange relic is in the bowl.

    Strange Fruit: In Chapter 21, the strange fruit can be found inside the cave near the end of the mission. You will have to attach your rope to a wooden structure and swing down. As you swing down you will see Avery's pirate ship in the water below you. Then, rappel down and swing to the little cave entrance in front of you, on the right side. It is far away and easy to miss. Inside this cave is the final strange item.

All cairn locations

Go to the indicated locations in Chapter 10 to knock over all 16 rock cairns (rock piles) with your vehicle and get the "Not A Cairn In The World" trophy. Simply drive over them and they will fall apart. At certain points in the mission, you cannot go back. This means you must get them in the correct order or you will have to start over again by replaying the chapter. The cairns can be found at the following locations (in order):

    1. In front of where you start.
    2. In the larger area shortly after the start (area with waterfall on the left).
    3. Same area as previous cairn, but at the end of the area (where you drive up the mud).
    4. After driving up the mud, before the wooden bridge on the left.
    5. After crossing the wooden bridge on the left.
    6. Shortly after passing the bridge, you drive up a muddy hill. After that, you reach a new area with a small river and you must drive up a large rock. On the rock is a cairn.
    7. After driving up the second rock on the right (same area as previous cairn).
    8. You will drive down a muddy hill and see some ruins in front of you. Before the ruins on the left is a cairn.
    9. After the last cairn, you jump down a little rock and reach a relatively small circular area. At the end of this area is a cairn.
    10. In the area after destroying a wooden bridge with the winch. When Sully talks about Nadine.
    11. In the very large area on your way to the beacon. It is at the start of that area, after you see some trucks driving away in the distance.
    12. Same area as before, further up the hill.
    13. Same area as before, on the hill on the left side with the manmade sculptures.
    14. Same area as before, near the top of the hill (but before the beacon). This is the best hidden one, as it is standing in some tall grass and hard to see. It is just before making a right turn to the hilltop with the beacon. To the left of it is a path that leads to a village with enemies.
    15. On the hilltop where the beacon is located. In front of the beacon.
    16. After the second beacon/tower, on the right side of a cliff. You will drive right past it.

All puzzle solutions

There are nine puzzles in the game. The video below shows the solution to all nine puzzles.


    Chapter 2 (Zodiac Symbols in Prison Cell) - 0:05
    Chapter 8 (Avery's Grave Light Beams at Door) - 1:05
    Chapter 9 (Cross Wheels with Water Bucket) - 2:10
    Chapter 11 (Ring 4 Bells in Clock Tower) - 4:21
    Chapter 11 (Climb past the tower clock outside the tower) - 8:48
    Chapter 11 (Founders Puzzle in basement of clock tower) - 9:12
    Chapter 12 (Spinning Wheel) - 15:06
    Chapter 19 (Walk over exploding floor traps #1) - 17:56
    Chapter 19 (Walk over exploding floor traps #2) - 18:29

Final Boss and game ending in Crushing mode

You get the "Charted! – Crushing" trophy for completing the game on the Crushing difficulty. It is the highest difficulty in the game and available from the start. To make completing it easier, enable cheats like infinite ammo under the bonus menu. You can also use weapon select from the bonus menu to use an overpowered one-hit kill weapon, like the Barok .44 revolver. Cheats are unlocked after completing the game once on any difficulty. Cheats do not disable any trophies. You also must complete every single chapter on the Crushing difficulty, not just the final chapter. The hardest part by far is the final Boss. He kills you with 1-2 hits. His attacks are also much quicker than on lower difficulties. You must evade his attacks by pressing Triangle/Circle. When he strikes from the left, press Triangle. When he attacks from the right, press Circle. A good strategy is to quickly press Circle at all times. Thus, if he attacks from the right, it is blocked each time. You then only need to watch out for attacks from the left. When he attacks from the left, quickly press Triangle. Some of his attacks (especially spin attacks) are really confusing and hard to see from which side he will attack. After a while you will get the hang of it. You just need to learn all his attack patterns. To make the fight easier, enable the "Slow Motion" cheat in the bonus menu (under Game Play Modifiers). It will give you a lot more time to block and you should not have much trouble defeating the Boss this way.

Crash Bandicoot reference

During Chapter 4, Nathan and Elena will sit down and play the original Crash Bandicoot on a PlayStation.

E3 reference

There is a cutscene in Chapter 11 followed by Nathan appearing in the marketplace scene featured in the 2015 E3 demo. Remain idle to get the "Stage Fright" trophy. This is a reference to the 2015 E3 event, when during the Uncharted 4 E3 demo the presenter could not find a controller to get him to move.

Elena reference

Look at the license plate of the Jeep that Nathan drives with Sully and Sam around Madagascar. It reads "VN373", which is Elena upside-down and backwards.

Marco Polo reference

Swim in the water near the sunken pirate ship in Chapter 12. Nathan will say "Marco" and Sam will answer "Marco What?", which is a reference to the Marco Polo comments from Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3.

Monkey Island series reference

During Chapter 11, Nate and Sam will find a portrait of a pirate featuring the sigil of a monkey with a poison dagger and an hourglass. In Chapter 14, examine the portraits of the founders inside Libertalia's bank. One of them has a name starting with "G", but most the rest is hidden by the frame. Both are references to Guybrush Threepwood, the star of the Monkey Island series.

Papers, Please reference

The country of "Arstotzka" from Papers, Please is referenced in Chapter 11 during a conversation Nathan has with Sully at an immigration checkpoint.

Easy "Best Score!" trophy

You can only get the "Best Score!" trophy during the Epilogue (final chapter). It does not work in Chapter 4 when you play the Crash Bandicoot game for the first time. The reason is because you have an extra life in the Epilogue which gives you 500 bonus points. You must beat the high score of 3,500 points. With a few tries this should not be too difficult. You need to collect most of the apples and the extra life, do not die, and complete the level as quickly as possible. If you are short a few points, it is because you did not collect enough apples or missed the extra life from one of the boxes. The extra life is found in a wooden box relatively early in the level. If you do not collect the extra life, you cannot beat the high score.

Easy "Boom County" trophy

Select the "Showdown" encounter (Chapter 20) from the main menu, and play it on the Explorer difficulty. After killing the first three enemies in this area, four more will spawn close together on a rock. There is a rocket launcher sitting on one of the boxes in this area. Pick it up and shoot the four enemies after they jump down the rock. Aim at the enemy that carries a rocket launcher, as he has the strongest armor. This should easily kill all four of them. If you do not get it on your first try, simply restart the checkpoint and try again until you get the "Boom County" trophy.

Easy "Charted! - Speedrun" trophy

The video below shows the full game from beginning to end (cutscenes not included). The "Charted! - Speedrun" trophy requires you to complete the game in six hours or less, which is not too difficult with auto-aim and cheats enabled and skipping all cutscenes. It was done in 4 hours, 42 minutes, 34 seconds in this video. The shooting accuracy was 83% in this video. You need 70% accuracy to get the "Sharpshooter" trophy. The following are some times to completing the speedrun quickly:

  • Play on the Explorer difficulty (does not disable trophies).
  • Enable auto-aim in the options (does not disable trophies).
  • Enable the "Infinite Ammo" cheat and use the Barok .44 revolver from weapon select. It kills almost everything in one hit. Cheats are unlocked after completing the game once on any difficulty (cheats do not disable trophies).
  • You can fire from the hip while running past enemies. It works great at close quarters.
  • Cutscenes are added to your playtime. Make sure to skip all of them.
  • The timer stops during loading screens and when you pause the game.
  • You do not need to kill every single enemy. Sometimes you can run past entire enemy encounters without killing.
  • You can create manual save games and can quit the application. This does not need to be done in one sitting, as the trophy will unlock regardless.
  • If you experience any progression glitches, simply quit the application and continue the story. It should load back up fine (infinite loading screen, game crash, NPCs not doing what they are supposed to).
  • If you die or restart checkpoints, it will keep counting your time (it will not reset the time to the last checkpoint).
  • You can check your playtime anytime under the statistics. Compare with the time in the video to get an idea where you are standing.
  • The puzzles can cost you a lot of time if you do not do them perfectly. Look how to complete them quickly in the video using the timeline below.


    Prologue - 0:05
    Chapter 1 - 5:12
    Chapter 2 - 14:00
    Chapter 3 - 29:43
    Chapter 4 - 37:10
    Chapter 5 - 40:06
    Chapter 6 - 45:47
    Chapter 7 - 1:00:57
    Chapter 8 - 1:10:04
    Chapter 9 - 1:33:19
    Chapter 10 - 1:48:02
    Chapter 11 - 2:06:26
    Chapter 12 - 2:34:40
    Chapter 13 - 2:49:06
    Chapter 14 - 3:02:11
    Chapter 15 - 3:10:27
    Chapter 16 - 3:18:28
    Chapter 17 - 3:29:27
    Chapter 18 - 3:50:45
    Chapter 19 - 4:05:20
    Chapter 20 - 4:17:32
    Chapter 21 - 4:31:55
    Chapter 22 - 4:38:19
    Epilogue - 4:45:55


    Chapter 8 Puzzle (Light Beams at Door) - 1:22:00
    Chapter 9 Puzzle (Water Bucket and Wheels) - 1:34:14
    Chapter 11 Puzzle (Clock Tower) - 2:08:12
    Chapter 11 Puzzle (Founders Puzzle with Symbols) - 2:17:14
    Chapter 12 Puzzle (Spinning Symbols) - 2:44:00
    Chapter 19 Puzzle (Walking Over Explosive Traps) - 4:14:44

Easy "Butterfingers" trophy

Select the "Market Escape" encounter (Chapter 11) from the main menu, and play it on the Crushing difficulty. Enemies throw a lot more grenades on the Crushing difficulty. On lower difficulties it does not work very well. You can change the difficulty at anytime in encounter select or at the pause menu. At the start of the encounter there are three enemies. Kill the two on the left that come running. Once they are dead, the remaining enemy on the right will fire his gun at you and follow up with a grenade. Before he throws the grenade (while he is holding it in his hand), you must shoot him. He will then drop the grenade and blows himself up. Restart the checkpoint and repeat this process as many times as needed. To make things easier, it is highly recommended that you enable the "Bullet Speed Mode" cheat from the bonus menu. It will greatly slow down time while aiming. This makes it much easier to time your shot. Usually, after the two other enemies are dead, he shoots at you once, goes back into cover, and then throws the grenade. Try to kill the other two enemies as quickly as possible with clean headshots. If you take too long, Sully might kill the enemy on the right. Note: Your kill count resets each time you start an encounter. So if you quit the encounter before getting the trophy, you wil need to start over again. You must keep using the checkpoint restart until you get the trophy.

Easy "Cliffhanger" trophy

Select the "Evasion" encounter (Chapter 7) from the main menu. The first enemy in this encounter can be pulled while hanging from a ledge (press Square while you are on the ledge under him). Restart the checkpoint and repeat this 20 times. Note: Your kill count resets each time you start an encounter. So if you quit the encounter before getting the trophy, you need to do 20 kills again. You must use the checkpoint restart 20 times in a row.

Easy "Defeat 10 In 60 -- China Lake GL" trophy

First, unlock the infinite ammo cheat and weapon select by completing the story on any difficulty. Then, select the "Drawbridge" encounter (Chapter 10) from the main menu. The China Lake Grenade Launcher can only be selected during certain encounters, and the "Drawbridge" encounter is one of them. Activate the infinite ammo cheat and use weapon select to get the China Lake GL. Simply shoot the enemies with it to get the "Defeat 10 In 60" trophy. You can easily kill ten enemies in less than 20 seconds. Without the infinite ammo cheat you would run out of ammo too quickly.

Easy "Don't Feed The Animals" trophy

At the very beginning of Chapter 11: Hidden In Plain Sight, go to the left of the market square to find two ladies selling apples. Buy an apple and go to the man with the lemur at the end of the market. Press Triangle to interact with him. As you walk towards Sully, the lemur will climb your shoulder and steal the apple and you will get the "Don't Feed The Animals" trophy.

Easy "Ghost In The Cemetery" trophy

Select the "Dormitories" encounter (Chapter 8) from the main menu. This is the graveyard section of Chapter 8, after solving the puzzle in the catacombs. Getting past all enemies unnoticed is pretty easy. You will get the trophy once you have opened the gate at the other end of the graveyard. You are not allowed to attack anyone and cannot be detected. First, climb around the cliff near the catacomb exit. Then, go through the bushes/tall grass. Enemies cannot see you while you are moving in the bushes. You can climb the wall on the right when all enemies have walked away. You will now hear two guards talking to each other in front of the gate. Hang at the back of the wall while they talk. When they are finished talking, climb up and hide for approximately five seconds until the third guard walks away. Once all three guards on the upper area are facing away, open the gate. If you get detected, simply restart the checkpoint or encounter and try again.

Easy "Glamour Shot" trophy

After ringing the bell at the top of the tower in Chapter 11: Hidden In Plain Sight, you will reach a puzzle room. After inspecting three pirate portraits, Sully will give you his phone. You are supposed to take a picture of the pirate sigils, but instead aim the camera at Sully and take a picture when he says cheese to get the "Glamour Shot" trophy.

Easy "Hang Tough!" trophy

Select the "Convoy" encounter (Chapter 11) from the main menu. You will be getting dragged by a rope in this encounter. At the very beginning of the encounter, you can shoot vehicles with your pistol while being dragged. If you shoot them often enough, they will explode. Set the difficulty to Explorer and enable auto-aim under the control options to make this very easy. Destroy the first two cars, then restart the checkpoint and repeat this process until you get the "Hang Tough!" trophy. Note: Your progress resets each time you start an encounter. So if you quit the encounter before getting the trophy, you wil need to start over again. You must keep using the checkpoint restart until you get the trophy.

Easy "Hangman's Bullet" trophy

Select the "Drawbridge" encounter (Chapter 10) from the main menu. Set the game to the Explorer difficulty and disable auto-aim under the control options. There are two ropes in this encounter. The one on the right side works best. Use the rope and wait until it stops swinging. Then, shoot the enemies in the head. The AK-47 (or any other assault rifle) works really well for this. You can fire in bursts and should easily get a headshot. The enemies are not far away. Some will be standing right in front of you on a building. After killing a bunch of them, restart the encounter. Do not complete the encounter. Leave at least one enemy alive and restart the checkpoint. Note: Your kill count resets each time you start an encounter. So if you quit the encounter before getting the trophy, you need to perform 20 rope headshots again. You must get 20 rope headshots in a row using the checkpoint restart. It should take approximately five checkpoint restarts to get the "Hangman's Bullet" trophy using this method.

Easy "Hitting A Brick Wall" trophy

Select the "Avery's Tower" encounter (Chapter 10) from the main menu, and play it on the Explorer or Light difficulty. There are two armored shotgun enemies in this encounter. First, perform a jump takedown to remove their helmets, then use melee attacks on them. You are not allowed to shoot them at all (not even the helmet). You can jump on them from the ruins. Simply restart the checkpoint and repeat this until you have five takedowns to get the "Hitting A Brick Wall" trophy.

Easy "I Accidentally All The Guns" trophy

To get the "I Accidentally All The Guns" trophy, you must kill an enemy with every weapon. There are a total of 27 weapons. The first 21 you can get from weapon selection under the bonus menu after completing the story. You must find the other six weapons. You can get all the weapon kills in encounter select. Your progress will be saved instantly and will be saved when you quit the encounter. The following 21 weapons are found under weapon selection in the bonus menu:

    1. Aegis 9mm
    2. Fossa R-81
    3. Raffica
    4. Pistole
    5. Barok .44
    6. Flintlock
    7. Para .45
    8. AK-47
    9. XCR
    10. FAL
    11. ARX-160
    12. HS39
    13. Mettler M-30
    14. Copperhead SR7
    15. MP34a
    16. Mazur LDR
    17. M14 Custom
    18. Spezzotti 12 Gauge
    19. Condor
    20. China Lake GL
    21. RPG

The following six weapons you must find:

    22. DShK: It is a machine gun that is used by heavily armored enemies. Some of them have it in Chapter 20, "Ship Graveyard" encounter.
    23. Explosive Barrels: Shoot them while enemies are nearby. For example, they are found in Chapter 9, "The Tunnels" encounter.
    24. Propane Tank: Found in Chapter 8, "Bridge" encounter. They are small white propane tanks you can pick up.
    25. Turret: One is found in Chapter 9, "The Tunnels" encounter. You can sit in it and shoot enemies.
    26. Grenade: You have it at the start of almost any encounter.
    27. Dynamite: You have it at the start of Chapter 8, "Bridge" encounter.

Easy "I Can See My House From Here!" trophy

In Chapter 11: Hidden In Plain Sight, you can climb to the top of the clocktower when you have to ring the bell near the top of the tower, but the handle breaks. Before you jump on the bell, you must climb the wall outside the building. On the area above the bell is a treasure and some wooden beams. Go across the beam in the middle to be able to climb the back of the wall all the way to the top. Then, stand on the pillar on the rooftop to get the "I Can See My House From Here!" trophy.

Easy "I Thought I Heard Something" and "Shh Sleep Now" trophies

Select the "Bridge" encounter (Chapter 8) from the main menu. Performing a vertical stealth takedown (drop onto an enemy below you) automatically counts as a "normal" stealth takedown at the same time. So when you get the "I Thought I Heard Something" trophy, you will also automatically get the "Shh Sleep Now" trophy with it. The very first enemy of this encounter is perfect to perform this on. After a few seconds, he will walk towards you. You can then drop onto him for an instant knockout. Restart the checkpoint and repeat this 30 times. Note: Your kill count resets each time you start an encounter. So if you quit the encounter before getting the trophy, you need to do the 30 takedowns again. You must use the checkpoint restart 30 times in a row.

Easy "Just Floor It!" trophy

During the first enemy encounter ("Get To The Car") in Chapter 17: For Better Or Worse, you must steal a car. Neither Elena or you can kill anyone. If you are detected, Elena will kill enemies. So you must do it in stealth. Climb around the cliffside and use the rope to get past the enemies unnoticed. On the Crushing difficulty they will likely spot you -- so set the difficulty to Explorer. Drive off in the car and make sure not to run over anyone. If Elena shoots someone during the car ride, it will also count as a kill. Just try to enter the car unnoticed and it should be fine.

Easy "Leapfrog" trophy

Select the "Ruins" encounter (Chapter 8) from the main menu. This is a very good place early in the game to get the "Leapfrog" trophy. Play on a low difficulty. Always kill one enemy with gunfire, then one with melee attacks, and repeat. You need 10 kills total (5 gunfire, 5 melee). All the enemies in this area are really weak -- so it should be easy. Use melee kills on the enemies on the ground and gunfire on the ones on the ruins. You cannot reach the enemies on the ruins -- so you must reserve your weapon kills for them. If you shoot too many on the ground, you may run out of enemies.

Easy "Marco Polo Returns!" trophy

At the start of Chapter 12: At Sea, drive to the left of the big island to find a sunken pirate ship. Swim in the water by the ship to get the "Marco Polo Returns!" trophy.

Easy "On Porpoise" trophy

When Chapter 12: At Sea begins, you will be driving a boat. Drive it to the back of the main island to find three dolphins. They can be found in the following locations:

    1. Far out in the water (at the back of the tower island), you will see three rocks. Near those rocks is a dolphin (to the left of the rocks when you come from tower island).

    2. When you drive in a straight line between dolphin 1 and 3, you will find this dolphin. He is at the back of the large island far out in the water. He swims around a lot -- so his location varies slightly. Sometimes he is further out, sometimes closer to the island.

    3. Near the island with the sunken pirate ship.

You just need to drive in a straight line and you should get all three to follow the boat. Since they are swimming around a little bit, their locations vary. They are always in the same distance to each other, but sometimes they are further out in the water, and sometimes closer to the main island.

Easy "Peaceful Resolution" trophy

This trophy takes place over the course of Chapter 13 and Chapter 14. You will get it at the start of Chapter 15. You cannot unlock it in Encounter mode. It has to be done in Story mode. Make sure you are playing on the Explorer difficulty so enemies do not detect you as quickly. There are three enemy encounters in total. One in Chapter 13 and two in Chapter 14. In Chapter 13, you can simply rush past the enemies. In Chapter 14, Sam will be with you and if you get spotted he will start killing enemies. Neither Sam or you are allowed to kill anyone. If you do, you must restart the checkpoint. In Chapter 14, you have to get through all encounters in full stealth. Otherwise, the enemies will spot you and Sam will kill them. Sometimes when restarting a checkpoint, some enemies will simply disappear. This is nothing to worry about and will not void the trophy. In some sections, you may actually want to restart checkpoints just to make more enemies disappear. Just stay in stealth and play it safe.

Easy "Run The Table" trophy

Select the "Dormitories" encounter (Chapter 8) from the main menu. You can do this on any difficulty from Explorer to Hard. The timer starts when you perform the stealth kill. You must perform kills in the following order: stealth, melee, headshot, explosive. As soon as the encounter begins, rush to the enemy on the left wall as quickly as possible. Perform a stealth kill on him, then roll away and perform a melee kill on the other enemy on the wall. If you are fast enough and roll away, he will not see you. If you are too slow and do not roll away, you may get spotted and Sam will kill the enemy. After the melee kill, jump down into the large enemy group. Use the AK-47 to go for a quick headshot and immediately perform a quick throw with the dynamite (press R1 for a short moment, do not hold it down to aim). The quick throw is not very accurate and sometimes misses. But the dynamite has a huge blast radius should be fine. It may take a few tries to get the timing down. If you do not get the trophy, simply restart the encounter and try again. If you have too much trouble with it, try enabling the slow motion cheat in the bonus menu (unlocked after completing the game on any difficulty). The game counts time differently in slow motion.

Easy "Rushing Roulette" trophy

Select the "Drawbridge" encounter (Chapter 10) from the main menu. You will start with an AK-47, pistol, and grenade. There are a lot of enemies close together. Quickly kill an enemy with the pistol, AK-47, and grenade (in order) to get the "Rushing Roulette" trophy.

Easy "Stage Fright" trophy

After completing the Founders puzzle in the church in Chapter 11: Hidden In Plain Sight, you will go back outside to the market square. After opening a door, Sully and you will lean over a balcony (cutscene). Put your controller down and do not do anything for 30 seconds to get the "Stage Fright" trophy. This is a reference to a mistake at Naughty Dog's E3 demo of this mission. A developer could not find the controller on stage -- so Nate was just standing around for 30 seconds and they restarted the demo.

Easy "Still Got It!" trophy

At the very start of Chapter 4: A Normal Life, you will pick up a toy gun. There are four red targets hanging from the ceiling. Shoot all four with the toy gun to get the "Still Got It!" trophy.

Easy "Swordmaster" trophy

To get the "Swordmaster" trophy, you must defeat the Boss in Chapter 22 without getting hit. Select "The Duel" encounter from the main menu, and play it on the Explorer difficulty. If you do get hit, simply restart the checkpoint and try again. The Boss's attacks are very slow on the easiest difficulty. If you try it on a higher difficulty, it will be much harder. It is also very helpful to use the "Slow Motion" cheat so all attacks are in slow motion, giving you enough time to react. You must evade his attacks by pressing Triangle/Circle. When he strikes from the left, press Triangle. When he attacks from the right, press Circle. A good strategy is to quickly press Circle at all times. Thus, if he attacks from the right, it is blocked each time. You then only need to watch out for attacks from the left. When he attacks from the left, quickly press Triangle. Some of his attacks (especially spin attacks) are really confusing and hard to see from which side he will attack. After a while you will get the hang of it. You just need to learn all his attack patterns. Some of his attack combos are always the same at certain points of the fight. Most of the advanced attacks (like the sword spin) hit from the right side. Since you are allowed to restart checkpoints and there are several checkpoints throughout the fight, it is not too hard to get the trophy.

Easy "Trials And Tribulations" trophy

Shortly after the start of Chapter 9: Those Who Prove Worthy, you will reach a room with a puzzle. There is a large wheel with a switch to the left. Activate the switch to get a water bucket. Fill it with water and bring it back to the wheel. The part for the trophy will now start. You may only rotate the wheels ten times to complete the puzzle. The puzzle is randomized -- so it is different on each playthrough regardless of the difficulty. Thus, it is not possible to give detailed instructions. The final picture has to look like this: white cross on the left, large cross in the middle, black cross on the right, water bucket in middle of the top wheel. Keep messing around with the puzzle until you know the solution, then restart the checkpoint and solve it by rotating the wheel ten times or less to get the "Trials And Tribulations" trophy.

Easy "Unstoppable!" trophy

Select the "Ballroom" encounter (Chapter 7) from the main menu. You can farm unlimited kills in this encounter. After leaving the ball room, enemies will respawn infinitely on the balconies of the courtyard. Just do not go to the car or the encounter will end. Two enemies spawn on the left and two on the right balcony. You may want to activate the "Infinite Ammo" cheat from the bonus menu when do this. Cheats are unlocked after completing the game on any difficulty for the first time. There is also a very good chance you will get this trophy during a speedrun of the game. You are allowed to die in climbing sections without the kill count getting reset. Just do not die in combat.

Easy "Wingman" trophy

In Encounter: Laundry Fight in Chapter 2, a good place to perform 10 combo buddy takedowns is during the fist fight in the prison laundry room (end of Chapter 2). You can start there through encounter select. When one of your friends punches an enemy, you must attack that same enemy. You will then see an animation where both of you knock out the enemy together. There are unlimited enemies spawning in that room -- so you can take your time. Just make sure not to attack the Boss or the encounter will end.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    One Last Time (Platinum): Collect All The Trophies.
    Charted! - Explorer (Bronze): Complete the game in explorer mode.
    Charted! - Light (Bronze): Complete the game in light mode.
    Charted! - Moderate (Bronze): Complete the game in moderate mode.
    Charted! - Hard (Bronze): Complete the game in hard mode.
    Charted! - Crushing (Silver): Complete the game in crushing mode.
    Charted! - Speedrun (Silver): Complete the game in 6 hours or less.
    First Treasure (Bronze): Find a Treasure.
    Treasure Hunter (Bronze): Find 50 treasures.
    Treasure Master (Silver): Find all Treasures.
    Jot This Down (Bronze): Find a Journal Entry.
    Lost Art of Journaling (Bronze): Find all Journal Entries.
    Take a Note (Bronze): Find a Journal Note.
    Lost History (Bronze): Find All Journal Notes.
    Head of the Class! (Bronze): Defeat 20 enemies with headshots.
    You Have a Head for this Business (Bronze): Defeat 50 enemies with headshots.
    Hangman's Bullet (Bronze): Perform 20 headshots from the rope.
    Stealth First Ask Questions Later (Bronze): Stealth take-down 5 enemies.
    Shh Sleep Now (Bronze): Stealth take-down 30 enemies.
    I Thought I Heard Something (Bronze): Perform 30 vertical stealth takedowns.
    Run-and-Gunner (Bronze): Defeat 50 enemies from-the-hip or blind-firing.
    Leapfrog (Bronze): Defeat 10 enemies in a row, alternating gunplay and hand-to-hand.
    Unstoppable! (Silver): Defeat 100 enemies in a row without dying in combat.
    Sharpshooter (Bronze): Complete game with 70% or higher shot accuracy.
    Rushing Roulette (Bronze): Defeat enemies with a pistol, machine gun, and grenade, in that order, in 15 seconds.
    Ghost in the Cemetery (Silver): Get through Scotland cemetery combat encounter without killing or being seen.
    Butterfingers (Bronze): Make 10 enemies drop their grenades.
    Boom County (Bronze): Defeat 4 enemies with the same explosion (all explosive items and weapons apply).
    Defeat 10 in 60 -- China Lake GL (Bronze): Defeat 10 enemies in 60 seconds with the China Lake Grenade Launcher.
    Hang Tough! (Bronze): Destroy 10 vehicles while being dragged from the rope.
    Run the Table (Silver): Defeat enemies with a stealth attack, melee attack, headshot, and explosives, in that order, in 15 seconds.
    Hitting a Brick Wall (Bronze): Defeat 5 armored enemies with melee only.
    Wingman (Bronze): Perform 10 combo buddy takedowns.
    Cliffhanger (Bronze): Pull 20 enemies over when hanging from a ledge.
    Continue the Adventure (Bronze): Complete the Uncharted Multiplayer Introduction.
    Get in the Game (Bronze): Complete 5 matches in Multiplayer.
    Trials by Fire (Bronze): Complete all trials on Moderate (difficulty) in Multiplayer.
    Friends Forever! (Bronze): Spawn 10 Sidekicks in Multiplayer.
    Medic! (Bronze): Revive 10 Allies in Multiplayer.

Additionally, there are 17 secret trophies:

    Relic Finder (Bronze): Find the Strange Relics.
    Peaceful Resolution (Silver): After being marooned, leave everyone alive until the Treasury.
    Ludonarrative Dissonance (Gold): Defeat 1000 enemies.
    Don't Feed the Animals (Bronze): Play with the lemur in the market and let it steal your apple.
    I Accidentally All the Guns (Bronze): Use every weapon in the game.
    Not a Cairn in the World (Bronze): Knock over all rock cairns in Madagascar.
    I Can See My House From Here! (Bronze): Climb to the very top of the Clocktower in the City.
    Trials and Tribulations (Bronze): Solve the first Trial in Scotland in 10 moves or less.
    Best Score! (Bronze): Beat the best score in the retro videogame.
    Gift of Gab (Silver): Listen to all optional conversations in game.
    Marco Polo Returns! (Bronze): Play in the ocean near the sunken ship.
    Stage Fright (Bronze): Just prior to City Chase, stand perfectly still for 30 seconds (stage demo fail).
    Just Floor It! (Bronze): Drive away in the jeep with Elena without killing any enemies.
    On Porpoise (Bronze): Get three dolphins to follow the boat.
    Still Got It! (Bronze): Hit all targets in the attic with the toy gun.
    Glamour Shot (Bronze): Take a photo of Sully.
    Swordmaster (Silver): Perfectly parry Rafe in the sword fight without getting slashed or stabbed.
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