We Are Doomed

Corey Feldman Interview


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Wave 01010 (Bronze): Complete Wave 10.
    Wave 10100 (Bronze): Complete Wave 20.
    Wave 11110 (Bronze): Complete Wave 30.
    Waves Complete (Silver): Complete Waves 1-30.
    Waves Perfect (Gold): Complete Waves 1-30 with all lives intact.
    Trinkets++ (Bronze): Collect every Trinket in the first 10 waves.
    SUPERBEAM × Wave 01001 = 0 (Bronze): Zap all the baddies in Wave 9 with a SUPERBEAM.
    Endless 1 (Bronze): Reach Zone 6 with 80,000 points (Endless mode).
    Endless 2 (Silver): Reach Zone 10 with 450,000 points (Endless mode).
    Endless Perfect (Silver): Reach Zone 8 with all lives intact (Endless mode).
    SUPERBEAM × Endless (Bronze): Keep a SUPERBEAM going for 10 seconds (Endless mode).
    Endless × Perimeter (Silver): Zap 75 Perimeter baddies in a single Endless game.
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