The Witch And The Hundred Knight: Revival Edition


Alternate ending sequences

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding ending:

    Bad: Before completing Chapter 11, defeat the three optional Bosses at Ominous Cavity, Cicite: Reverse, and Old City Ruins. Then, complete the final two chapters.

    Normal: Successfully complete the first part of Chapter 11 and you will be asked if you want to help Metallia. Refuse, then continue to make that same choice when prompted.

    True: Successfully complete the first part of Chapter 11 and you will be asked if you want to help Metallia. Agree that you are planning to assist her, then complete the rest of the chapter.

Distortion points in Chapter 12

Attack villagers and perform Witch Domination on various buildings, without the Marginal Gaze facet equipped, in order to gain karma. After you have accumulated karma, return to past maps and trigger events. These may include battles that always end with a fight with The Editor (its exact form and attacks vary). The events are located at the following locations:

    Near St. Dulche: Visit the house near the far northwest corner that was previously blocked by a level 38 anti-magic boulder.

    Downtown Amataya: Approach the alleyway on the right side multiple times.

    Tettara Desert: Visit Hidden Astaro, near the northeast corner of the map. Go near the wall to trigger the event.

    Wudes Forest: Go to the Witch's Garden area from the far northwest pillar.

    Brokenturm: From the Select Pillar, go up the stairs just to the left.

    Yaptolacca Ravine: Visit the hut where you previously found the medicine man. Trigger the event by going east from there. If it does not happen, raid the hut first.

    Castle Gate: Complete all other events, then go north through this area. The event will trigger with enough karma.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Legendary Hundred Knight!! (Platinum): You got all the trophies.
    Bad Ending (Gold): You earned the bad ending.
    Normal Ending (Bronze): You earned the normal ending.
    True Ending (Bronze): You earned the true ending.
    Tower of Illusion Cleared! (Silver): You cleared the Tower of Illusion.
    Badass Hundred Knight (Gold): Achieved a bad ending by never switching to Casual Mode.
    Rolling Crasher (Bronze): Performed 100 jump attacks.
    Chillax (Bronze): Used up stamina 100 times.
    You're a Wizard! (Bronze): Performed Self Recovery 100 times.
    Supreme Leader Lia (Bronze): Performed 50 Witch Dominations successfully.
    The Chosen One (Silver): Performed 100 Mystical Dodges.
    The Notorious Killah (Silver): Defeated 100 Notorious monsters.
    Weakest Hundred Knight (Bronze): Defeated by a town folk.
    Casual Play (Bronze): Changed to Casual Mode.
    Bonus Broseph (Silver): Achieved all bonuses.
    99 Problems but a Facet ain't One (Bronze): Leveled a facet up to 99.
    Like a Boss (Silver): Leveled all facets to 99.
    Pinata Murderer (Bronze): Defeated 10 Pinatas.
    Rare Pinata Murderer (Silver): Defeated the Rare Pinata.
    Slow Motion (Bronze): Defeated an enemy using Mystical Dodge.
    Berserker (Bronze): Defeated a boss monster using Chaos Revelation.
    I RUN THIS SHIT! (Silver): Achieved 100% discovery rate on the map.
    Gluttony (Silver): Filled the stomach stock completely.
    Pillar Garden (Bronze): Released all pillars.
    Training Mania (Silver): Achieved max with Physical Revelations.
    Challenge Accepted (Silver): Defeated Metallia in the opening.
    Blue Pill (Bronze): Reached Floor B10 in the Tower of Illusion.
    Marathon Runner (Silver): Reached Floor B10 without ever going back.
    Eternal (Silver): Reached Floor B100 in the Tower of Illusion.
    Red Pill (Silver): Reached Floor B10 on max difficulty in the Tower of Illusion.
    Invincible Hundred Knight!! (Gold): Reached Floor B100 on max difficulty in the Tower of Illusion.
    Witch's Wrath (Bronze): Defeated an enemy with Metallia.
    Alchemizer (Bronze): Performed Alchemy.
    Maximizer (Silver): Performed Alchemy on a Legendary Equipment 10 times.
    A Hidden Power (Silver): Used Concentrated Mana Pearl for Alchemy.
    Ultimate Weapon!? (Bronze): Obtained a weapon with over 10,000 ATK.
    Ultimate Weapon!!! (Silver): Obtained a weapon with over 30,000 ATK.
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