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Easy "Breaker" achievement

Use the solar flare when the Boss's shield is up to get the "Breaker" achievement after you win the battle.

Easy "Hacker" achievement

During various Boss fights, they may jump to the back and health will drop on them. When this happens, use your Plane Shift ability to jump to the back and shoot some of that health before it drops into the Boss' mouth. Then, collect it to get the "Hacker" achievement. Note: Consider jumping back to the front and waiting for the Boss to jump to the front before you collect it. Otherwise, the Boss will try to attack you there.

Easy "The Move" achievement

Pause the game, then select one of the Sprites, which are the icons in the six boxes along the bottom of the screen. Note: You must have at least one before attempting this.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Submarine Power (Bronze): Collect Power-up.
    Plane Shift Power (Bronze): Collect Power-up.
    Run Power (Bronze): Collect Power-up.
    Rocket Power (Bronze): Collect Power-up.
    Solar Flare Power (Bronze): Collect Power-up.
    Phaze Power (Bronze): Collect Power-up.
    Explorer (Bronze): Visit 100% of Map.
    Parametric (Silver): Collect all Gun Extenders.
    Security Blanket (Silver): Collect all Health Extenders.
    Speedrun (Silver): Finish the Game in under 1 hour.

Additionally, there are six secret trophies:

    Snoozefest (Silver): Beat Final Boss without taking Damage.
    We're Sorry! (Bronze): Kill an Alien Bat.
    Warp Drive Engage (Silver): Finish the Game.
    Breaker (Bronze): Break the Boss's Shield.
    Hacker (Bronze): Collect health during a Boss Battle.
    Secret Stash (Bronze): Find Hidden Health.
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