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Clan codes

Progress through the game until you reach a certain point in Chapter 5 to unlock the Clan Creator mini-game. Then, talk to Masao (guy in the yellow jacket) and enter one of the following clan codes to unlock the corresponding special character that you can add to your clan:

    Akiyama: AdreamingAkiyama
    Captain New Japan: PURORESUNEWJAPAN
    Common Daigo: M5BXOKQRSIELV19D
    Common Date: UVHVD2H7WI95GHNL
    Common Goro Majima: T2OMQ7FM5KBJPOUR
    Common Kazuma Kiryu: S66X7BAQN4ECAEE9
    Common Saejima: VRJR9A7SX9Z6MMTV
    Common Satsuki: PNJTEF9STVONK4U9
    Daigo Dojima: the6thheadofTojo
    Evil: BinwanProducer00
    Hiroshi Tanahashi: MisterTokyoDome0
    Jo Amon: 7R30M9ZDUH0MJIA1
    Katsuyori Shibata: shibatagotosleep
    Kazuchika Okada: RainmakerMrOkada
    Komei: blackpantskoumei
    Kushida: 0Banshee0Muzzle0
    Makoto Date: detectivemanDate
    Nakanashi: 0HERCULESCUTTER0
    Onomichio: 3QXI6YIGSH03DETX
    Satsuki: mystrymansatsuki
    Strong Machine: STRONGMACHINEDDT
    Tetsuya Naito: ELingobernable00
    Toru Yano (R): TheSupernovaRana or TheSupernoveRana
    Unknown: TheSupernovaRana
    Yuji Nagata: NagataLockNagata

Secret safe code

There is a hidden safe that requires a secret passcode to open it. It can be accessed as soon as you arrive in Kamurocho in Chapter 1. The safe can be found on the New Serena rooftop on Tenkaichi Street at the following location. Go down the alley next to the "Golden Triangle" darts bar and up the stairs until you reach the rooftop. The electronic safe is found around the middle area of the rooftop. The code is split in two parts and hidden in Chapter 9 and 10 of the Yakuza comic series. Enter "KP56VFA9MX2B7LH" as a passcode to unlock the safe. The safe contains a Rainbow Bun (500 XP all colors) and 1 million yen.

Unlocking the Black Market

Progress through the game until you reach a certain point in Chapter 5 to unlock the Clan Creator mini-game. Then, successfully complete the first 13 missions in Onomichi. Once you have completed 13 out of the 16 missions, talk to the bartender near the Clan Creator mini-game to unlock him as a member of your clan. He will tell you about a man he knows that operates a Black Market. Shortly afterwards, you will get a text message saying the Black Market vendor is ready to meet. The Black Market vendor icons will now appear on your maps. The Kamurocho Black Market is in the Hotel District area, and the Onomichi Black Market is within the Hana-no-kubo area. The Black Market allows you to purchase rare and valuable equipment.

Better darts

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding darts. Although the game does not list stats, the better darts give an advantage. For example, if you miss-throw beginner darts, you are likely to greatly miss, but doing so with the highest ranking darts can still allow you to directly hit your target.

    Beginner Darts Rank C: Automatically available.

    Intermediate Darts Rank B: Complete a match against a medium difficulty darts opponent in Club SEGA Theater Square in Kamurocho.

    Expert Darts Rank A: Complete a match against a hard difficulty darts opponent in Club SEGA Theater Square in Kamurocho.

    Paul Lim Special Rank S: Complete Dart Substory #13: Showdown With Paul Lim.

UFO Finder

Successfully completed the game to unlock the "Premium Adventure" option. Start a Premium Adventure to get a text message from the Kamurocho Newsletter telling you about reports of UFO's. Go to Ebisu Pawn in Kamurocho to purchase a UFO Finder for 10,000 yen. Then, equip it, go to the baseball field in Kamurocho, and climb to the roof to see the first UFO. The second UFO can be found in Onomichi. Climb to the top of the mountain using the stairlift and look over at Onomichi to see it.

Katsu Bento location

One of the side quests in Onomichi requires you to find a Katsu Bento, which is basically any Bento lunch set. However, Onomichi does not have any vendors that sell this item. You cannot buy it in Onomichi and none of the enemies drop it. To complete this side quest, progress through the game until you return to Kamurocho. You can then buy a Bento lunch set in Poppo on Tenkaichi Street. Once you have purchased the item, keep it until you return to Onomichi.

All safe key locations

Search the indicated locations to find all ten safes and keys to open them. There is an additional secret safe that can be opened with the correct passcode. Each of the safes contain special bonuses, such as XP boosters, money, and equipment items that boost stats. A key only opens one safe and does not unlock any other safe. The keys and safes that belong together are always located close to each other.

All menu combinations

There are 30 menu combinations in the game. All meal combos give you additional points that you can spend on upgrades. You can view your progress on completed menu combinations in the awards section of your smart phone.



    1. An Elegent Time at Alps - Cafe Alps 00:20
    2. That Standard Smile Set - Smile Burger (Nakamichi St.) 00:56
    3. Healthy Smile - Smile Burger (Nakamichi St.) 01:33
    4. The Ultimate Sushi Gin - Sushi Gin 02:08
    5. Blissfully Drinking Alone - Akaushimaru (Hotel District) 02:52
    6. Depth of 30 Years - Bantam 03:32
    7. Harmony of Rice and Noodles - Fuji Soba 04:13
    8. Rice Lover - Fuji Soba 04:40
    9. This is Gindaco Highball! - Gindaco Highball 05:26
    10. A Yakiniku Staple - Kanrai 06:01
    11. Nothing Grilled at Yakiniku? - Kanrai 06:49
    12. The Holy Trinity - Kyushu No. 1 Star 07:32
    13. A Solid Lineup - Ikinari Steak 08:12
    14. Eating Wild - Ikinari Steak 08:49
    15. Bread over Rice - M Side Cafe 09:23
    16. Spicy Combination - Osaka King 10:11
    17. Griddle Trio - Osaka King 10:52
    18. Full of Cake - Quadra Garden 11:33
    19. Veggie Lover - Ringer Hut 12:15
    20. Tunalicious - Sushi Zanmai 12:52
    21. Delicious Side Dishes - Wette Kitchen (W Taihei Blvd.) 13:31
    22. Wild Combo - Wild Jackson (Tenkaichi St.) 14:07
    23. I'll Have this to Start! - Yoronotaki 14:43
    24. I've Gotta Order That - Yoronotaki 15:26


    25. A Cut Above - Jumangoku Chinese Soba 16:07
    26. Testing Your Luck - Oyster Shack 16:39
    27. Aspiring Sommelier!? - La Pente 17:15
    28. Original Course Menu - La Pente 17:47
    29. The Yonetoku Standard! - Yonetoku 18:20
    30. Quick & Easy - New Gaudi 18:57

Note: The "New Gaudi" is an adult bar and has to be unlocked by starting the baseball side quest. A random event will appear in Onomichi, and you can continue the "Assemble The Team" quest. Take a taxi to the baseball field and return to Onomichi. You can then continue the "We Need A Ringer" side quest, and talk to Moritsuka to unlock the New Gaudi adult bar, allowing you to collect the final meal combo.

All cat locations

Search the indicated locations to find all 19 cats, which can be returned to the Nyan Nyan Cafe. These cats can be found after Chapter 2, when you have talked to the owner of the Nyan Nyan Cafe. While at the Nyan Nyan Cafe, make sure to buy cat food. Each cat has its favorite kind of food, and you can save a lot of time if you know the correct flavor for the right cat. Each of the 19 cats have three different spawn locations they can appear in. It can take a while until you find a cat in these areas -- so try to travel around to increase the chance of finding them.



    1. Fuku - 01:15 - Favorite Foods: Fresh Tuna, Miso Tuna, Gold Tuna
    2. Milk - 02:42 - Favorite Foods: Fresh Tuna, White Fish, Gold Tuna
    3. Shizuku - 03:38 - Favorite Foods: Bonito Flake, Cheese Salmon, Gold Tuna
    4. Leon - 04:33 - Favorite Foods: Bonito Flake, Homestyle Chicken, Gold Tuna
    5. Kotetsu - 05:36 - Favorite Foods: Bonito Flake, Cheese Salmon, Gold Tuna
    6. Viola - 06:34 - Favorite Foods: Gold Tuna
    7. Musashi - 07:34 - Favorite Foods: Bonito Flake, Gold Tuna
    8. Maron - 08:41 - Favorite Foods: Homestyle Chicken, Gold Tuna
    9. Victoria - 09:35 - Favorite Foods: Gold Tuna


    10. Kuro - 10:30 - Favorite Foods: Cheese Salmon, Miso Crispy, Gold Tuna
    11. Rin - 11:35 - Favorite Foods: Fresh Tuna, White Fish, Gold Tuna
    12. Mike - 12:30 - Favorite Foods: Fresh Tuna, Bonito Flake, Gold Tuna
    13. Shiro - 13:19 - Favorite Foods: White Fish, Homestyle Chicken, Gold Tuna
    14. Koko - 14:19 - Favorite Foods: White Fish, Gold Tuna
    15. Kai - 15:29 - Favorite Foods: Miso Crispy, Gold Tuna
    16. Hime - 16:22 - Favorite Foods: Homestyle Chicken, Gold Tuna
    17. Tama - 17:11 - Favorite Foods: Cheese Salmon, Gold Tuna
    18. Nana - 18:03 - Favorite Foods: Fresh Tuna, Gold Tuna
    19. Tora - 18:58 - Favorite Foods: Miso Crispy, Gold Tuna


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    The Song of Life (Platinum): Obtained all other trophies.
    Dragon of Legend (Gold): Completed the game on LEGEND difficulty.
    A Dragon's Experience (Silver): Obtained 100,000 total experience points.
    Amon Defeated (Silver): Defeated Amon on any difficulty.
    Kiryu Clan Patriarch (Silver): Completed the Clan Creator storyline.
    Peak Kiryu (Silver): Raised all stats to a natural 300.
    Skill Master (Silver): Obtained all skills.
    You Did It (Silver): Completed 100 items on the Completion List.
    A Fighter's Experience (Bronze): Obtained 10,000 total experience points.
    A Man's Experience (Bronze): Obtained 1,000 total experience points.
    Can of Whoop Ass (Bronze): Engaged enemies while a drink's effect is active.
    Club Shine Star (Bronze): Requested every hostess.
    Commemorative Photo (Bronze): Took a photo of Ono Michio-kun.
    Dandling Dragon (Bronze): Experienced the trials of raising a baby.
    Dragon of DoGYMa (Bronze): Experienced every RIZAP training.
    Feeling the Heat (Bronze): Activated Extreme Heat Mode 10 times.
    Get Out and Stay Out! (Bronze): Made a store employee angry at you.
    Heat of the Dragon (Bronze): Raised the Heat Gauge to a natural 150.
    Hero of the Story (Bronze): Completed 40 substories.
    How Fortuitous (Bronze): Pulled "Great Blessing" at the temple.
    I'll Have the Calamari (Bronze): Defeated the Emperor Squid.
    Just Getting Started (Bronze): Completed 10 items on the Completion List.
    Kiryu Clan Captain (Bronze): Reached level 3 in the Kiryu Clan.
    Kiryu Clan Enforcer (Bronze): Maxed out a Kiryu Clan leader's stats.
    Kiryu Clan Founder (Bronze): Assembled the Kiryu Clan.
    Life of the Dragon (Bronze): Raised Health to a natural 150.
    Life Through Kiryu's Eyes (Bronze): Walked 30 seconds in first-person mode.
    Limit Breaker (Bronze): Raised all stats to a natural 200.
    Live to Fight Another Day (Bronze): Ran away from 10 encounters successfully.
    Maybe You Can Do It (Bronze): Completed 31 items on the Completion List.
    No Photos! (Bronze): Got surrounded by enemies while trying to take a picture.
    Not the Brightest Idea (Bronze): Jumped from a dangerously high place.
    Off the Beaten Path (Bronze): Found a secret passage.
    On the Winning Team (Bronze): Achieved 100 victories with the Kiryu Clan.
    Play Ball! (Bronze): Won a baseball game.
    Pretty Tasty (Bronze): Activated five types of eatery combos.
    Skill Dabbler (Bronze): Obtained 10 skills.
    Skill Pro (Bronze): Obtained 25 skills.
    Speed of the Dragon (Bronze): Raised Evade to a natural 150.
    Story of My Life (Bronze): Completed all substories.
    Strength of the Dragon (Bronze): Raised Attack to a natural 150.
    Tell Me a Story (Bronze): Completed 10 substories.
    That's Purrecious (Bronze): Rescued three stray cats.
    The Internet's Real Purpose (Bronze): Chatted with both lovely Live Chat ladies.
    This Is My City (Bronze): Completed 20 types of Trouble Missions.
    To Be This Good Takes AGES (Bronze): Played every Club SEGA game.
    Troubleshooter (Bronze): Completed 5 types of Trouble Missions.
    Vitality of the Dragon (Bronze): Raised Defense to a natural 150.
    What a Player (Bronze): Played every minigame.
    Where Everybody Knows Your Name (Bronze): Reached Beloved Customer rank at Snack New Gaudi.
    Word on the Streets (Bronze): Raised the Kiryu Clan's influence to 10,000.

Additionally, there are eight secret trophies:

    Thank You. (Silver): Completed all of the main story.
    A Dead End (Bronze): Completed Chapter 6.
    Cycle of Blood (Bronze): Completed Chapter 12.
    Her Secret Life (Bronze): Completed Chapter 4.
    Hiroshiman Shadows (Bronze): Completed Chapter 2.
    Priceless Child (Bronze): Completed Chapter 8.
    The Secret of Onomichi (Bronze): Completed Chapter 10.
    Welcome Back (Bronze): Arrived in Kamurocho for the first time.
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