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Legend mode

Successfully complete the game on any difficulty to unlock the Legend difficulty.

Secret weapon shop

First, progress to Chapter 4. Once you reach Chapter 4, go to the following location to find a young man. Speak with him, and he will offer to sell you some information for 30,000 yen. The information is a location and password. Travel up the street to reach Beam, the Adult DVD store. Go inside and speak with the clerk. Request "Housewives In A Bind" to signal to the clerk that you want to access the secret weapon shop in the back. You can purchase powerful weapons and equipment at this shop, including the Photon Blade Prototype (lightsaber) weapon.

Secret casino location

First, progress to Chapter 4. Once you reach Chapter 4, complete "The Price of An F-Cup" substory. You can find the start of it at the following location. Rescue the girl and follow her to the bar. Drink the first time, but then refuse to drink anything further. Eventually, you will have to fight. Defeat the gang and refuse to let them get away with it. They will then tell you about a secret casino. Once you have the password, go to the Kyushu No. 1 Star restaurant on the east side of town, in Pink Alley. Speak with the man behind the counter inside, give him the password, and he will tell you that the casino is through a secret entrance in the back. The casino contains black jack, poker, roulette, and other popular casino games.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    KIWAMI (Platinum): Obtained all trophies.
    Perfectionist (Gold): Completed 100% of the Completion List.
    Master of Body and Soul (Silver): Obtained all Soul, Technique, and Body abilities.
    The Dragon of Dojima Returns! (Silver): Upgraded all Majima Everywhere abilities.
    Are Ya Havin' Fun Yet? (Bronze): The Mad Dog of Shimano forced his way into a fight.
    Break it Down! (Bronze): Breaker Majima forced his way into a fight.
    Can I Call You? (Bronze): Successfully asked a hostess out on a date.
    Half the Battle (Bronze): Completed 50% of the Completion List.
    Hand In Hand (Bronze): Walked 1km during Premium Adventure while holding Haruka's hand.
    Hero of the Story (Bronze): Completed 30 substories.
    It's Not Over Yet! (Bronze): Reached Rank B in Majima Everywhere.
    Kiryu-chan! (Bronze): Got chased by Majima.
    Komaki Style Master (Bronze): Completed all training for Komaki Style.
    Let's Fight! (Bronze): Thug Majima forced his way into a fight.
    Rina the Hostess (Bronze): Spent a steamy moment with Rina.
    Sexy Ron (Bronze): Enjoyed mahjong with a hostess.
    Story of My Life (Bronze): Completed all substories.
    Swing For the Fences! (Bronze): Slugger Majima forced his way into a fight.
    Take Back Those Ten Years! (Bronze): Obtained at least 10 Soul, Technique, and Body abilities.
    Tell Me a Story (Bronze): Completed 10 substories.
    The Dragon of Pocket Circuit Reborn! (Bronze): Won all Pocket Circuit races.
    The Strongest Fighter (Bronze): Won all tournaments in the underground coliseum.
    Throne of the MesuKing! (Bronze): Won against all rivals in MesuKing.
    What a Player (Bronze): Played all minigames.
    Yui the Hostess (Bronze): Spent a steamy moment with Yui.

Additionally, there are secret trophies:

    Dragon of Legend (Gold): Completed the game in Legend Mode.
    Amon Defeated (Silver): Defeated Amon.
    Death By Climax (Silver): Completed all of the Climax Battles.
    Mister Master (Silver): Obtained EX Rank on Haruka's Requests.
    Thank You! (Silver): Completed the final chapter.
    A Bad Business (Bronze): Completed "The Fake Mizuki's Truth."
    A Man's Conviction (Bronze): Completed chapter 9.
    An Answer Owed (Bronze): Completed "Wife of a Yakuza."
    Ashes to Ashes (Bronze): Completed chapter 11.
    Funeral For the Old Ways (Bronze): Completed chapter 3.
    Goromi the Hostess (Bronze): Met the mysterious lady, Goromi.
    Kidney Stones (Bronze): Completed "A Doctor's Duty."
    Legends Never Die (Bronze): Completed chapter 12.
    Majima From Above (Bronze): Assaulted by Majima from above.
    Majima From Below (Bronze): Assaulted by Majima from a manhole.
    Majima of the End (Bronze): Met Zombie Majima.
    Majima On the Beat (Bronze): Met Officer Majima.
    Mother and Child (Bronze): Completed chapter 4.
    Puppet Masters (Bronze): Completed chapter 8.
    She's Worth It? (Bronze): Completed "Man On a Ledge."
    Sins of the Father (Bronze): Completed chapter 6.
    Sonic Right Hook (Bronze): Completed "Bet On A Champ."
    That's a Man! (Bronze): Completed "My Baby's a Showgirl."
    The Dragon and the Koi (Bronze): Completed chapter 7.
    The Dragon Roars (Bronze): Completed chapter 10.
    The Price of Life (Bronze): Completed chapter 5.
    Things Will Never Be the Same (Bronze): Completed chapter 1.
    Turmoil In the Tojo Clan (Bronze): Completed chapter 2.
    When You Don't Pay Your Debts... (Bronze): Collected the money owed.
    You'll Only Get Burned (Bronze): Completed "The Price of an F-Cup."
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