Yasai Ninja



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Completionist (Platinum): Complete 100% of the game.
    Prisoners (Bronze): Beat "Prisoners".
    The Escape (Bronze): Beat "The Escape".
    Leek Town (Bronze): Beat "Leek Town".
    Freedom! (Bronze): Beat "Freedom!".
    Sensei (Bronze): Beat "Sensei".
    Forge Road (Bronze): Beat "Forge Road".
    In Hell (Bronze): Beat "In Hell".
    Burn Burn Burn! (Bronze): Beat "Burn Burn Burn!".
    Run! (Bronze): Beat "Run!".
    Kyurinaga's Army (Bronze): Beat "Kyurinaga's Army".
    Aprenttice (Bronze): Find 25% of the Ancient scrolls.
    Master (Silver): Find 50% of the Ancient scrolls.
    Wiseman (Silver): Find 75% of the Ancient scrolls.
    Venerable (Gold): Find all Ancient scrolls.
    Fear of the Soldier (Bronze): Kill 150 soldier cucumber.
    Fear of the Archer (Bronze): Kill 50 archer cucumber.
    Fear of the Armored (Bronze): Kill 25 armored cucumber.
    Fear of the Ninja (Bronze): Kill 25 ninja turnip.
    Fear of the Monster (Bronze): Kill 50 spicy chili.
    Liberator (Bronze): Defeat the Shogun as Broccoli Joe.
    Avenger (Bronze): Defeat the Shogun as Kaoru Tamanegui.
    Touched! (Silver): Touch 100 objects.
    I'm a PRO (Silver): Beat the game in PRO mode.
    Nightmare of the Soldier (Silver): Kill 250 soldier cucumber.
    Nightmare of the Archer (Silver): Kill 100 archer cucumber.
    Nightmare of the Armored (Silver): Kill 50 armored cucumber.
    Nightmare of the Ninja (Silver): Kill 50 ninja turnips.
    Nightmare of the Monster (Silver): Kill 100 spicy chili.
    Bros. to the end (Gold): Beat the game in cooperative mode.

Additionally, there are five secret trophies:

    Pacifist (Silver): Dodge an unnecesary fight.
    I'm too fast for you! (Silver): Beat Cauliflower taking no damage.
    Killer (Gold): Kill 2500 enemies.
    Untouchable (Gold): Beat an exploration level taking no damage.
    Inmortal (Gold): Beat a level with no deaths.
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