Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    The Ultimate Survivor (Platinum): Earn every trophy in the game.
    Outbreak (Bronze): Kill 50 zombies.
    Epidemic (Silver): Kill 100 zombies.
    Pandemic (Gold): Kill 200 zombies.
    Headshot! (Bronze): First Headshot with a gun.
    Burninated! (Silver): Kill your first zombie with a Molotov Cocktail.
    Crossbow Kill (Silver): First Kill with the Crossbow.
    Safehouse (Bronze): Make it to the Safehouse.
    BOB is your best Friend (Bronze): Pick up a backpack (Bug-Out-Bag).
    Let's Go Shopping (Silver): Get into the Supermarket.
    Buckingham Palace (Silver): Get into Buckingham Palace.
    Tower of London (Silver): Get into the Tower of London.
    The Nursery (Gold): Get into the Nursery.
    Betrayed! (Gold): Survive the Ambush at the Church.
    Expanded Backpack (Silver): Get the XL BOB.
    Expanded Storage (Gold): Get the XXL BOB.
    CCTV Is Watching You (Gold): Hack all of the CCTV junction boxes in London.
    Unbreakable (Gold): Reach a Survivor Score of 2000 points.
    Baby Steps (Silver): Finish Game in Chicken Mode.
    I Survived! (Gold): Finish Game in Standard Mode.
    Unstoppable (Gold): Finish Game in Survival Mode.
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