Zombie Vikings

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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Zombies of the Year (Platinum): Unlock all trophies.
    Are You Sleeping? (Bronze): Have 6 enemies stunned at the same time.
    Catch! (Bronze): Kill an enemy with their own projectile.
    Mid-air Collision (Bronze): Revive a friend by throwing both parts into each other mid-air.
    In My Face (Bronze): Defeat an enemy by throwing a friend's head into them.
    Ball-sense (Bronze): Catch the same enemy three times without them touching the ground.
    High Level Tactics (Bronze): Make an enemy bounce on 4 others.
    Born to Fly (Bronze): Keep an enemy airborne for 4 seconds.
    We Call This Pöng (Bronze): Strike a frozen enemies back and forth 10 times.
    Sharing is Caring (Bronze): Have all players hold an enemy before it touches the ground.
    Perks of Being a Zombie (Bronze): Get revived 50 times.
    Flattened (Bronze): Have the crushers defeat 10 enemies.
    Nice to Beak You (Bronze): Have Beaknose defeat 10 enemies.
    Space Butterflies (Bronze): Clear the Tavern Brawl in Richside unscathed.
    Fowl Play (Bronze): Kill an enemy by throwing a chicken at them.
    Strike! (Bronze): Hit a frozen enemy into 5 other enemies.
    Holmgang (Bronze): Win a duel to the undeath.
    I Hope It Doesn't Stain (Silver): Defeat a boss with zombie vomit.
    Zombiosis (Silver): Perform the 4 player charge attack on the stitch zombie.
    Mighty Blow (Silver): Kill 3 heavy enemies at the same time.
    You are Not Supposed to be Here (Silver): Find the super secret developer area.
    I Can See my House From Here (Silver): Form a zombie tower of 5 with a guest of your choice.
    They Also Use It on New Years Day (Silver): Escape the fishturd cannon unschathed with 4 players.
    Go Unicorns! (Silver): Win against the Butterflies in Söcker without letting the other team score once.
    A New Beginning (Silver): Complete the secret Fe dream sequence.
    Stealth Tactics (Silver): Complete the gnome cave without ever being detected.
    Big Spender (Silver): Spend a total of 30.000 gold in the store.
    House Cure (Silver): Defeat the Common Cold without hitting him with your sword.
    Is Such a Thing Even Possible? (Silver): Finish the Berzerker Factory without one player touching a conveyor belt.
    Zombies Roll-Out! (Gold): Finish the story!
    Master at Arms (Gold): Unlock all weapons.
    Runemaster (Gold): Unlock all runes.
    A Helping Hand (Gold): Complete all sidequests in the game.
    Treasure Hunter (Gold): Open 25 chests.
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