Ape Escape: On The Loose

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SnowKidz Snowboarding mini-game

Collect 10 Specter Emblems to unlock the SnowKidz snowboarding mini-game. To accelerate, press the Analog-stick Up or hold D-pad Up. Characters are Professor, Spike, 1-Ton, and Natalie. You will see a gauge at the bottom of the screen. When you collect glowing bananas, your gauge will fill and you will get a boost of speed. To increase your gauge, hold X and release; this will make you jump. While jumping, hold or press Circle or Triangle. You will perform a trick and increase your gauge. Note: To get higher up, jump while on a hill of snow.

Specter Boxing mini-game

Collect 20 Specter Emblems to unlock the Specter Boxing mini-game; characters are 1-Ton and John.

Jake Attacks mini-game

Collect 30 Specter Emblems to unlock the Jake Attacks mini-game.

Ape Ping Pong mini-game

Collect 40 Specter Emblems to unlock the Ape Ping Pong mini-game.

Bonus characters in Ape Ping Pong

Successfully complete tournament mode and defeat Specter and Yellow Pipotron to unlock them in tournament and training mode.

Bonus characters and survival mode in Specter Boxing

Successfully complete Specter Boxing to unlock extra characters. The extra characters include the Boss monkey and Specter. You will also unlock survival mode; you can only play as the Blue Pipotron in this mode.

Attacks in Specter Boxing

    Press Circle to evade an attack.
    Press X for an uppercut.
    Press Square for a quick light jab.
    Press Triangle for a slow heavy jab.

Combos in Specter Boxing

    Press Right + X for a dash uppercut.
    Press Right + Square for a clockwise spin jab.
    Press Right + Triangle for a counter clockwise spin jab.

Bonus level

Capture all apes in all levels to play a bonus level. Defeat Specter to capture him and view the ending.

Catching apes

If an ape is in front of you, hit it with a stun club. Immediately after it falls down, use the net to catch it.

Easier water movement

On any level where the water is going against you, instead of swimming through it keep jumping against it to get to places easier.


If monkeys see you and jump into their UFO, equip your slingshot and shoot it down. When it falls, the monkey will be temporarily stunned.

Wrong button instructions

When you go to save the game, go to the view monkeys section (the floppy disk with a monkey on it). To view a monkey, you are instructed to press X, but instead you can also use Circle. Highlight a monkey and press either X or Circle. Move to the last monkey you have (you must have over two pages), then move back to the first monkey. There will be an "L" at the bottom left hand corner of the screen, but you cannot move back with L. To exit this glitch, press R once and when you press L it will be gone.

No sound

In the main game, collect 40 Specter Emblems, then enter the Ape Ping Pong mini-game. Select tournament or practice mode then perform a power hit. Immediately afterwards, pause the game. You will hear the sounds from the rest of the power hit. After you resume the game, you will see the power hit cut seen, but there will be no sound.

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